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"If you received a speeding or red light ticket from a traffic camera case in Upper East TN and you fought the ticket in court but lost, send me an email with all your contact information. I would like to talk to you!
Bob King, Attorney
Johnson City TN"
"Lately, when I drive through red lights, I see A flashing light. I don't know what it is. I'm sure there are others' out there just like me. These lights are unexplained and I wish to report them. Luckly, I know how to fill out a report with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). When I went to you're site, I did not see a link provided to report a ufo sighting. Like I said, I've been seeing flashing lights lately when I go through red lights. There are probably others' like me out there who would like to report these flashing light sightings. If you don't mind, could you please provide a link to on your site, as to making it easier for people like me to report the light sightings. Please consider what ?I've said. I have provided a link in the e-mail. MAke your site more friendly for all.
Thank you
Let's take care of this before someone gets abducted by a flashing light."
"I haven't had a ticket for 45 years. Yes, that's right, 45 years. My message is short and not so sweet.... I will not be moving to that area, nor will I travel through that area again. Hope you enjoy my $90!!!! Good bye!!!!!"
1st, thank you so much for buying this site from them and offering as a place for folks to express their feelings about the way that Bluff City treats its residents and visitors.
I had the miss fortune of visiting your fine town a couple weeks ago. I am a very careful and lawful driver, yet today I recieved a ticket in the mail from the good people of Bluff City, telling me I own them $90 for speeding. Upon a little internet research I now understand why - they trick drivers by lowering the speed limit, snapping a picture of the car (who's driving?) and then raising the speed limit back up to 55 mph - the car in the picture is said to have been going 56 mph.
I am disinclined to pay this phoney bill. Is there a recomended course of action? According to the back of the letter, the only way I can protest it is to do nothing and wait for a court summons (and drive back down from DC?), or swear and prove that my car was sold or stolen. If I wait for the court summons will the cost of the ticket go up? Can I send a written statement in lieu of showing up in court?
Any help/shared experiences would be appreciated.
Keep up the good work!
Here is an interesting article"
"the cameras are to make money and not work for it. i live in bluff city. at the red light. i have went to turn right and almost in a car several times. reason is. their is no turning lanes their.the other driver blows his horn like i made a mistake.i have told police department about this. they could write alot of tickets out. as so many people do this . yes the lanes are marked.but they would have to sit and watch. unless they want to put camera up their.i guess the other one makes enough money. they say it was to help with the accidents. yeah right. then why dont they sit and watch for people who make the right and left turns and the light that are illegal. yes and before i hit one of them . i turn in the right have two lanes going one way two going the other way not three lanes . but yet you never seen them their writing ticket. and why ,no camera to do the money money. what it looks like to me.just hope they start earing their money before i get hit..."
"I live in NJ and heard your story on the local news, soon as I got to work I went straight to the bluff city pd website aka your site, awesome revenge! Lots of good stories, really like the guy in CA that used to be in the IBEW union and all the e-mails with the lawyer, good stuff. I'm heading through bluff City in August, going to Bristol race where is this camera? Please where is this camera. Is it on 11W? Thank you and keep the site!!! Mark"
After getting my 56 in a 45 speeding ticket in the mail (actually, my husband was driving. He's a Federal Police Officer, and a traffic accident investigator) I was so angry. Thank you for making my day.
I have been posting links regarding this website, the legal fight and other things on the Bluff City Face Book page: &init=quick&sid=0.46976827637425905#!/pages/Bluff-City-TN/Bluff-City-TN/1658038 91911?ref=ts&__a=9&ajaxpipe=1
I encourage others to do the same, and to write to the TN legislators about the damage these cameras are doing to tourism and their local economy."
"Found this bit of news"
"It's about safety! "MY A$$"! I hadn't had a ticket in 25 years and travel from Middle Virginia to Johnson City about twice a year. I was coming through Bluff City flowing with the traffic, when the cars in front of me locked down on their brakes. If I hadn't been really alert, I would have plowed into them in the middle of a wide open 4 lane highway. I didn't see anything run in front of them and was wondering what kind of idiots are driving down here. Well, I later found out it was a rare, but fast multiplying, Revenue Beast, that scared them. It seems this Beast is controlled by a CIBER Cop sitting at his desk drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, and playing on the computer. However, it looks to be a very profitable endeavor for them and China, and Britain, and Australia. A new way to Bastardize the laws for profit, while ignoring individual rights. Not that I disrespect Police, I have respect for the ones that actually work for a living. I have about 6 friends and family that are police and after asking each one their thoughts, it was a unanimous, "These cameras are nothing but a Cash Cow". Later, while in Johnson City, I actually counted 3 vehicles locking down and sliding into the intersection to avoid a red light ticket. It's obvious these cameras are causing a complete change in peoples reactions, and in fact, CREATING A ROAD HAZARD. If they want to slow people down, buy a $10,000 police car and park it in the median. That would do a lot more, than what at first glance looks like a yard sale sign to reduce speed would do! GOOD JOB Brian!"
"If these private for hire spy cams that these foreign company's are selling our cites and towns on are such a good thing then why are we not allowed to bring any video cameras into any court rooms to tape our trials for these citations. If they were good willed for public safety they would be more worried about cameras in school zones, work zones and around crack houses so they could reduce the drug trafficking, but they just cant make enough money chasing the real thugs and thieves that are stealing everyone blind. Another good point to make about the speed trap that Bluff City TN is running is follow the money, the mayor and city counsel along with Police chief David Nelson have chosen to allow this foreign owned company the rights to fee grab $250,000 a month from this community for a good reason. (Follow the Money) Its lining there pockets with $$$ and loads of free perks like free trips for them and there family's. The best way to combat this is to request an IRS audit on these individuals and watch there every move to see where and when they travel and see who's picking up the tabs for there eats and golf games. Where there's lots of moneys flowing there's always lots of corruption not far behind. The people of this small town of 1600 should remember who brought the cameras to there town and driving away business from there restaurants and stores and giving there town a bad reputation as Speed Trap TN when election time rolls around for there Mayor and City Counsel members, and they also appoint the Police Chief to his post. People are just going to have to get there fill of this none sense until they have had enough and demand there Mayor to take down there speed trap cameras. In the meantime just do what there doing in the rest of the country, tare down those cameras, and when they put them back, tear them down again, just like a goal post at a college football game. When it cost more to maintain the system then it brings in, they will disappear. But better yett, elect new leadership for your town and put your community back on a positive course for a place people want to visit instead of avoid. I'm a former law enforcement officer with the state of TN and these cameras are just plain WRONG an just another form of taxation, not public safety. Keep up the good work Brian for all of us and you have our thanks.
"How many people besides me now use alternate routes to get from Bristol to JC?
Though I feel bad for the locally owned businesses in Piney Flats, I'll not be spending ANY money there.
Thanks to the "Bluff City Ciber Fife", I'll be using the back roads!
"Her is some more ammo. Thank you for the fight you are putting up. "
"Great job Brian!!! Where the hell did our 4th Amendment go?! I thought 1984 was bullcrap in school and yet it keeps creeping upon us. Otto"
"My web developer saw your story and forwarded it to me. I'm a traffic ticket attorney in NY and a run a national site too that deals with traffic ticket issues. Just thought I'd touch base to let you know I thought the story was a good one and I wrote a little article summing it up on my site.
Scott Feifer"
"Let me start by saying, I'm in law enforcement and I say to you, GOOD JOB.? They make $250 K a month on this and they still cut cops.? Electronic radar is all about money.? If it was safety they would have a cop out there monitoring traffic and stopping people creating a safety issue.? How can they sight you when you weren't driving....Stay at it."
"Here's the best revenge ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEEEEEEDDOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! "
"Thank you for doing this! It's high time someone has stood up to the establishment on this!
Red light and speed cameras are nothing more than revenue generation by remote control. If traffic enforcement were truly about public safety, why is money involved? If a government entity truly wanted to teach you a lesson, instead of a set fine that affects the poor more than the rich. (who do you think is more affected by a $200 fine, someone who makes $7.50/hr or $200,000/year?)
If it were truly about teaching a lesson, they would have you paint a wall at city hall, or spend a day or two cutting grass with the guys in the parks dept! NO, IT'S ABOUT MONEY, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! They can't raise your taxes, so they make it up in other ways. Thank the good lord that the state passed a law here in Missouri that states a municipality may only derive so much of their total budget from traffic fines. It was a serious blow to the small town of Byrne's Mill, who had the reputation for writing tickets for 1 (yes, ONE) MPH over the posted limit!
They also had a bad reputation as hard asses who would berate and belittle the people they stopped, hoping to provoke an assault charge! It got so bad, the citizens had a meeting that included one of our elected officials. The small hall designed to hold 200 people or so, was so packed there were nearly 50 people outside! They have since fired several officers, and replaced them with much more professional acting officers. The chief is a much better thought of person around here, of which I am very glad. I know his is not an easy job, but alienating people only makes it worse. It's a shame it took a response like that from the people who live and work around here to change things, but change things we did! Recently, a municipality along one of our interstates (not really, just a connector highway) was proposing speed cameras, but the public outcry was so great, he changed his mind, but did not rule out their use in the future. Even the commander of the St.Louis County Police spoke out against them! The only acceptable use of these evil devices should be in construction zones (then ONLY when people are actually working!) and possibly in areas near schools (only when school is actually in session!)
As for all of you who are saying "don't speed, no problem", you don't get it! It's not about that and you know it! It's about generating revenue in an unethical manner! Yes, I freely admit to exceeding the speed limit on a daily basis. But it is because I judge what is a safe velocity to travel by how fast the world goes by, yet when I look down, I am almost always 5-10 miles over the posted limit. Why? Am I a lunatic, who cares nothing about my fellow man? Or maybe, just maybe, the posted limit is TOO LOW! Because when I notice what my speedometer says, I also notice that I am neither passing or being passed, just merely going with the flow! Speed limits are almost always set artificially low, to accommodate drivers of all skill levels, much akin to many restaurants going light on the salt to please the palates of the most amount of people,(and of course to make it easier to write tickets!) Then, there are several stretches of road (2 lanes each direction, electric signals at nearly all intersections, separated by concrete wall) where the posted limit can be anywhere between 40-55 MPH! Why? The road does not change, it does not get narrower, more hilly, or any other thing that would be a legitimate reason for the change. That leaves only one other obvious conclusion.......can you guess what that is?
Please, Citizens of America, contact your senators and representatives at both the state and federal levels, and oppose any sort of camera based law enforcement in any way you can! We are all hurting for money in this economy, and I want my city, county, and state governments to prosper, but not this way!
Greg. St.Louis MO"
"here a good web site from uk on speed camera destruction i think the best one was from holland expanding foam pumped into the camera totaly buggered it. "
"In Los Angeles a Camera ticket is around $460 $50 if you need an extension of 60 days $30 traffic School.
We are afraid to drive lately. The last ticket I've got was at night time. I entered the intersection on yellow - in the middle of it light changed to red - camera flushed. (Defective camera people told me). The Police Department sent me a photo where the light looks red before the intersection - obviously "digitally" mastered. I called them and the only remark I got from them was - "I disagree with you" I feel I was back in a communist country where I came from 26 years ago.
What happens to this country? Where is the care for citizens? I hope you will do something in Tennessee because I don't think anything will change in Los Angeles. Lately all they care is about money, money and more money for the city and for the state from us that we barely can pay our rent, while they buy furniture for their offices of millions of dollars.
Good job!
Doina Stanescu"
"Just wanted to email you to say what a brilliant idea to buy the bluffcitypd domain! LOVE it! My parents lived in Gray, TN (Boone Lake) for quite a few years. They were always careful driving through there! We are facing a similar situation here in Cooper City, Florida where I live. The majority of our city commissioners want to impose these red light cameras in our city. It's all about revenue which I didn't realize was such a significant amount until I read your I see the $$$$ and why most of the city commissioners are fighting so hard for these cameras!!!! I think it is just wrong especially because these tickets can be assessed to someone who may not even be the operator of the automobile! Hopefully the cameras won't be installed in our city! Again.great job!"
"I read a lot of comments, pros and cons, on the traffic cameras. Are they a good idea? They do have their uses, sure, but it appears that in this case, no! The location and the brief reduction in the speed limit alone sounds like it was designed as a local fund raiser. I personally am not a fan of the traffic camera simply because it takes the 'human' factor and 'officer discretion' decision making process out of the equation. Everyone has the right to face their accuser. but, how do you fight a digital camera? Don't always be quick to jump on the local coppers, they may not have any input in the decision to place them there in the first place. (and Yes, I am a cop)."
"Very creative. You are a true American to fight unjust authority."
"I got a nice picture of my truck from this past Memorial Day. I now vow to call and complain everyday that I see the Bluff City police on their personal cell phone sitting in a parking lot and yapping away. The thing that is most disturbing is the 40 dollars adminstative fee. I am now vowing to be the tick on the back of the dog towards the city of Bluff City. The complaints will now start coming......Get Ready"
"I am very happy to see you snag their website. Like you, I snagged the Local Electrical Union's website.  They even dragged me into court and lost. If you need a smile, check out "
"California police officer here
I dislike traffic cameras immensely. I think they have the potential to be used illegally and are more money generators than safety devices. I believe they generate accidents as well as preventing them.Frazzled citizens wary of them can rear end.. strode lights easily temporarily blind even the non violators. When we as a society need big brother to tell someone they did something wrong we have lost our humanity. In the area where I work some of the camera contracts are not being renewed as the cost outweighs the benefits.
The states burden of proof seems to be watered down here and an erosion of personal constitutional rights... I have a real problem with the registered owner getting the cite if they didn't commit the violation
I vote for not using them as ticket generators... now if a city wants to pay for them for enforcement to where to put resources... fine"
"Greetings from Russia!
I support your initiative!
Vadim, Moscow."
i saw your story on yahoo news. i wanted to say great job. I thought it maybe a good idea for you to put up a forum so people in the area can sign up and post content to the site. start a discussion kinda of a grass roots movement for your community to have their say.
"Brian McCrary you are HA-LARIOUS! I love it! The $80 for the domain name was sooo worth it. Funny, funny stuff!!!
I too must admit, you are my hero!!
Hate the big brother cameras, keep up the good work!
Stephanie from Virginia"
"I think this is great! I also think the police would put camera's every single place out doors to spy on us all if they could.
This is another example of the police department people sleeping on the job they did not pay the bill so it is now no longer there site I am bookmarking this page! If you do not pay the electric they shut it off if you do not pay your probation officer they come get you if you do not pay your web site domain bill anyone else can buy it the moral of the story be careful because in life no matter how good you are any one can make a mistake.
I never believed people when they told me about all this stuff about a police state and the government is spying on us and taking more and more rights away I always would think wow these people are crazy they really think our own government and local area police are working against us.
People open your eye's take a look around decide for yourself.
Also what the police and government no longer understand is they work for use and we are all having problems they need to help us not cause us more problems.
Laws need to be updated some need to be removed and the fines are out of control they should have other ways of letting people pay for the problems like community service programs for people who can not afford to pay they should double the time you have to pay due to the bad economic times and find a way to help people solve there issues not just catch them but catch then help them WOW imagine that the government and the police really going out of there way to help the people I bet the people would then want to help them after all when some one helps you it makes you feel good and makes you want to return the favor."
"I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
EAT IT BLUFF CITY PD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARD!!!!"
Speed traps should be outlawed.....they (police) put these up because they are cheeper than an officer sitting in his car. Why don't we just put out cardboard cutouts of cops at every corner in town......there cheaper than the real ones."
"To the teacher who wasn't driving there car, usually when a ticket is issued from an automated machine, there is a way to appeal that you weren't driving your vehicle. However, I know with the EZ pass system out east (system for toll automation) the premise is you own the car and are therefor responsible for its safe and legal operation by the party you lend it to. If I lend the friend a car and he runs the toll, I get the ticket. I then call the friend up and say you owe me for the ticket and he pays me.
On a side note, this website seems extremely one sided. I understand the anger towards ticketing in any means, I don't like them either. I will say that every ticket I have ever gotten, I deserved. I would like to see an "officical justification" from this towns pd as to the necessity of these cameras. I'm sure they had a reason for installing them other than "we need money for the community." Anyways, that's my piece. Good luck with the website."
"I live west of Wichita Kansas and have many times seen the Sedgwick County Sherrif sitting inside one of their speed traps. They too trap a lot of drivers and rack up huge amounts of fines. I think their practice is unfair and manipulative if we consider that the roads are built for the efficient movement of automobile traffic and not for the revenue stream of the local police groups.
I think it is fair-play that you were able to get the domain that they willingly let lapse due to their inefficiency. Maybe they will wake up and manage their 'business' better now.
I also think it is hilarious that you were able to get their domain and see them quoted in the news article referring to the 'possibility of getting the domain back...'! I hope they do get their domain back..... after they pay you a million dollars for it and are required to publish their heart-felt apology to you on their website!!!!
You Go Guy!!!!! One For The People!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!"
"I served six years in law enforcement and have some serious concerns with a lot of the comments that people have made. Not all police are out to get your money, many do the job because they genuinely care about people. That having been said, sometimes a community's leaders get greedy and begin to view their police department as a source of revenue. We had the same situation where I worked (Marshall County, TN). One of the communities in my county, Cornersville, decided to put its 4-member force on I-65 so they could suck the money out of the wallets of people passing through. It got so bad that the Sheriffs Office had to answer a few calls within the Cornersville city limits! The police were too busy writing tickets and could not be bothered with protecting its residents. Any time that law enforcement begins to be used as a revenue source, crooked things will happen. That is what it sounds like you have in Bluff City. It would be interesting to know exactly where each dollar from these tickets goes. Cornersville had a lot of corruption concerning its ticket money, and I would be willing to bet that Bluff City has it to. Someone needs to start digging.
In regards to traffic cameras, they have been proven to cause more accidents than they prevent. The sooner that these things are removed from our streets, the better off we will all be!"
"I saw the article about you stealing the domain, awesome move. Since you're using it to post complaints about red light cameras and such I thought I'd contribute my article on my own complaints in the section called "Lights, Cameras...". ntersections/
Nathan McKaskle"
Way to shake and bake dude! You are my hero. That is the best thing you could have done for your community. Congratulations on your new website and I fully support you!"
"Traffic citations are in effect to hopefully slow people down on the road and create consequences for their actions. This is complete bull that so many people on here are blaming the police department for having to pay for traffic citations. Maybe if you had driven responsibly, you would not have received a citation in the first place! Yeah, it sucks to have to pay those fines. But, I have received a couple of them, and I take care of them. Those funds collected from citations also go to help run your city; to keep your city clean, beautiful, and safe. Just give the city their domain back. Sell it to them for what you paid for it, and you won't lose any money. Or, if you want to be a jerk, add the cost of your citation to the price, but just give it back to them."
"I think it's really great that you bought this web site !!! There are many,many, speed traps and red light cameras here in missouri and I personally think the supreme court should outlaw these devices. Many more people everyday, come to distrust law enforcement and the court system because of things like this ! Keep up the great work you're doing.
Mark Decker"
"Hi, slick move. It's amazing how clueless your local police chief is...didn't even know his website was hijacked until reporters asked about it. That shows how often he even looked at it. No wonder police love traffic cameras--they don't have to do anything anymore except hang out at Starbucks and shoot the breeze.
Look at this,
We're fighting back against cameras and starting to get results here in WA state. Looks like you have enough people there to organize. Good luck!!!"
"I was a police officer in SC and I despise those things. Personally I think it should be illegal, but it doesn't matter what I think. It's all about revenue to the local gov. Don't give an inch.
Hanahan, SC"
"Thank you for taking the opportunity to expose an abuse to the people by their government sworn to protect them. You are my newest American Hero."
"Congratulations on your 'new' website.......
I got a 'present' in the mail from the Bluff City speed camera just two months ago (April 2010) and am still pretty steamed about it.
Yes....... there is a congested area with a traffic light about 1.5 miles south and a 45mph speed in that area is reasonable. However, the Bluff City camera is on the edge of town and, when headed toward Bristol, is within sight of open highway and 55mph signs. To have a speed camera at that location is bordering on a scam operation.
I continue to pass through this area fairly regularly but now make my food and gas purchases in either Virginia OR North Carolina. Bluff City got it's $90 from me..... no one else in East Tennessee gets any. Sorry."
"I'm from Elizabethton but I'm stationed in Pascagoula, MS and heard about this on the radio and had to check it out on the web myself to believe it! I think it is the most ingenious idea that you grabbed this website! I can't imagine all the fuss there at the PD in Bluff city! I've had my share of tickets in that area and yes I was lucky enough to get a present in the mail while I was visiting home on leave! Keep the site up!"
"Traffic cameras are just an extension of the low life tactics that cops use. Cops do NOT serve and protect. They only try to scam people out of money and never admit any wrong doing. Johnson City is no different. Anyone using traffic cameras is a loser and is violating the constitution.
By the way, defeating a ticket is easy to do. Just go to court and ask that you be given your constitutional right to cross examine the evidence against you. If you are shown a photo, that is not evidence because you can't cross examine a photograph. Since there will be no witness.............. it is dismissed.
I have personal experience with this."
"Way to Go Dude! Keep up the good fight."
"Hello, Mr. McCrary! Nice thing what you did. How about opening a channel on Youtube? Or maybe a mailing list, or something on Twitter? It's just funny, on one side, and important to make people know about, on another. Hope your hoster does not use dumb dnsbl.
Have a lot of fun!"
"you are my hero.
i might have been able to buy the url - but would never have really used the web as intelligently as you have done - i think i would have just let the page read - bluff city police Suck - pretty immature - you took it to the highbrow level - congratulations.
"this is so awesome....ha ha ha i love the disclaimer at the bottom...hopefully this will all work out and they will take the trap is a parasitic way to make money with these fake speed traps that result in real tickets. Way to show them...ha ha technology rules!"
"Supper, Good idea
Menan From Sri Lanka"
"Good Job!
The best thing about you purchasing the web site name is that you know it is really eating away at all of the law enforcement in Bluff City. They know what they do is wrong and is just for financial gain not for any saftey reasons. It is great that this has gotten so much press and for someone like me, who travels around the state of Tennessee, I know not to drive through that part of the state. Why should I take a chance of getting a speeding ticket after I buy gas, stay in a motel or eat at resturants in that community. I know they count on motorist passing through who will just mail in their fines.
Too bad with all? the money they have made off of the speeding tickets, the city still refuses to pay their bills?in timely maner?and lost their site.
Keep up the good work. Tim"
"Gosh, if only people would obey our laws (including speeding) we would not need to spend money on camera's!"
"Great !"
"Nice work! Speed enforcement has always been viewed by most citizens as revenue generation first, safety second; but the automated cameras take it to a ludicrous level. Everyone should apply a little civil disobediance now and then, just to keep the authority figures in check."
"ll you whinners, just abide by the rules of the road and you won't have to worry about getting tickets ....bunch of cry babies.
"I loved the story about how you got the domain name---AWSOME!!!!
Speed traps are just wrong and are just robbing the residents and it's legal??"
"What you are describing, in my non-legal opinion, is a case of taxation without representation. It is no secret that a significant portion of the fines make their way into the police budget. Therefore, if the police want a new squad, they simply decide to write more tickets. If this isn't a form of unregulated taxation, I don't know what is.
My solution to this is simple. There MUST be a police force created that does nothing but POLICE the POLICE. It is imperative that we KEEP THE HONEST people HONEST. It is beyond obvious that the police are incapable of policing themselves. It MUST be done by an agency/department independent from the police doling out the punishment to the general public.
My ex is a police officer. Most of the police believe that they are above the law and think nothing of breaking the law to their benefit under whatever circumstances they feel they want. It is common knowledge that police officers routinely badge their way out of criminal acts. The law is for EVERYBODY, not just non-cops.
In fact, my ex and her chief of police screwed up an investigation so badly that the police were so busy catching traffic violations that they let a pedophile ASSAULT 16 PERCENT OF THE ENTIRE MALE HIGH SCHOOL POPULATION before they caught him. This sicko ASSAULTED 22 PERCENT OF THE MALE HIGH SCHOOL POPULATION of the boys who lived WITHIN the village limits. The police chief ended up totaling a squad car racing with another officer and GOT AWAY WITH IT.
There needs to be a police force that will POLICE the POLICE. Clearly, they aren't doing it themselves."
"Way to go grabbing this site! Radar cameras were used here in Ontario Canada in the 90's. Vans with radar cameras were left vacant on the side of the highway and moved around frequently. They proved to be absolutely no deterrent to speeding, and were stictly a government cash grab. Getting a speeding ticket in the mail does not catch other infractions, DUI drivers, or have the same effect as having to deal with a police officer directly. In the next provincial election the issue became quite hot, and the party that promised to get rid of radar cameras won against the party that brought them in! No political party here has even spoken of them since. If you want to get rid of these cash grab cameras in your state, make it an election issue. BTW we still have red light cameras, they have proven to be a deterrent. Good luck!, Brian from Canada"
"I got my $90 present in the mail a few weeks ago. I fully support what you're doing here. I only wish I would have researched it before paying the fine. Awesome job!!!"
"In D.C. their are a lot of speed cameras, why would you put on a Highway 395 speed 45 mph, and while you drive you see a car or a van on the side of the road with someone in it, sleeping reading or what ever they are doing taking photos of cars that are going over the speed limit. If they can afford having someone in the car then they should be able to have a Police Officer their instead not some camera.?
I was very new to the area and ended up with multiple tickets from these camera, I am not saying that i was right or wrong, I received tickets in the mail with a late fee when i never received the first ticket. How do you give me a late fee when i had another state plate on my car and you can't get me the first ticket but the second ticket comes right to my new address. I have meet a few people and they told me that is what they do you don't pay fine doubles. I think red light tickets are good not speed camera when someone else drives your car you responsible for the tickets when you not even in the car.?
what do you think."
"lol i read the story on this on yahoo. com im pretty sure the whole world will look at the site. great job!"
your story is in the news in Germany. very fantastic!
although i live in san diego, i came across an article about your website purchase and the story behind it. AMEN! i am so glad that there are still some people in our country who see the carnivorous animal that america is becoming... we are loosing rights by the day, and it is awesome to see that courageous individuals like yourself have taken a stance! PRESS ON! AMEN! and thanks ;0)"
"Keep up the great work!
"i don't mind the idea of camera's per se, but the description of the speed limit dropping 'for no reason' as a speed trap is not just wrong, but illegal.? somebody fighting this type of speeding ticket would be advised to fight the citation in court, and ask them to demonstrate why the limit drops -- they have to do this, usually its a formal traffic study that is commisioned. if they cannot provide this, the judge will find for you and drop the case."
"I admire your originality at seeking vengeance towards your local officials. I recently ran into a similar situation in my state of NJ and was wondering how you went about acquiring their domain. I think it's genius! Let me know how you did it!
"This is a big deal over nothing. Just come to a Stop at the Stop sign. Just stay at the speed LIMIT or less. It is easy.....It's the law and you are fighting it, because YOU have bad habits.... Humble Bill"
"I read the article about your new website from a link on Yahoo.
This should be done in more towns. Can you imagine what the PEOPLE could do with the money the STATE is collecting?
Our society is getting sick and tired of huge (and little) fines, and fees for its traffic tickets, credit cards, banks, or whatever because we screw up once. We're getting tired of big brother watching us no matter where we are, or what we do, and dolling out his "justice" without asking questions first. Sounds like its time to put the money back in our pockets and stop buying crap "we the people" don't support."
"try this stuff "
"You go friend! I just had to pay a fine for tolls in Illinois for an alleged violation. The problem is that I was in Illinois a year and a half ago and never got any notice of any violation until just recently. I sent it to an attorney and was told the ONLY recourse I had was to go to Illinois to appear in court. The fine was $126, and I live in SC, so it would cost more than the fine just to go, and they know that. That's why they send these out, as I understand as much as two years after the violation. To me, this is like giving me permission to write a bogus bill and send it arbitrarily to any citizen anywhere in the country, threaten a little, and expect them to pay up! After all, if the government is doing it, well, they set the example for us now, don't they! Forcing that fine is ethics at its worst. They coerce people by threats and strongarm tactics and then condemn others for doing exactly the same thing as they themselves are doing. What was it Jesus said? "HYPOCRITES!!! First extract the rafter from your own eye, then you can see to extract the straw from your brothers eye." I paid my fine too, but whatever that paper says, it is in NO way an admission of guilt on my part. It's just simple economics."
"I think that drivers should be watching the road and the speed limit signs instead of worrying about the cameras. I ride a motorcycle and see way too many 4 wheel drivers not paying attention to what they are doing.
Often times drivers will swerve to avoid using their breaks when the car ahead is turning. This puts Everyone at risk, especially motorcyclists. Real responsible people pay their fines, people looking for an excuse use radar detectors or buy websites to complain."
"Why not pick a date and ask everybody thats been unfairly ticketed to meet (bring your home made protest sign) in front of the Bluff City Police Dept.
Invite the media to attend, maybe serve hotdogs and lemonade. After all, when life serves you a lemon why not enjoy some lemonade.
If this party is successful you could make it a once a month event. The only requirement to attend would be that you get a Bluff City Speed Trap Ticket.
You could call it The Monthly Bluff City Speed Trap Victims Party. If this became really popular you could have people coming from all over the world and speeding thrue the trap just to get invited. You could give out a trophy for the highest price ticket. Call it The Bluff City Biggest Speed Trap Sucker Award.
I'm sure the city and the PD would be interested in kicking in a few bucks to pay for the trophy. They would probably look at it as an investment that could produce even better profit then what their currently raking in."
"Check out the cameras - the strobe lights many of them use are illegal - made in Australia - not able to get material Safety data sheets - can cause serious eye damage"
"Good job! this BIG BROTHER crap needs to stop.
Nice job..."
"Nice to see that someone has the intestinal fortitude to take on the establishment without being totally ugly about it. I dont think that this is an isolated incident. Your solution might be a bit unorthodox but small towns across America have been doing this for years sans cameras. I used to live in Delaware and in a place called Harrington they have stores set up in the median and the police sit there and write speeding tickets all the time and even though they are on private property no one challenges them.
I now live in Nevada and on a 4 lane highway going through a place called Dayton, they have it reduced from 60 to 35 for about 1/2 mile and then goes up to 55. In the 35 zone the NHP actually sits in the middle of the road in the turn lane and runs radar.? I think it is an abomination that these practices are spread across the country. I am not saying no repercussions for breaking law, but? give warnings, or reduce fines. On 4 lane highways is it necessary to reduce speed like that. No other towns going down 50 is this the case. Whats worse is that going eastbound you are downhill. They dont care and no one challenges them. The tickets are a huge revenue boost for small communities. Be advised that if they put a camera in, I will be calling you..
Helen Newman"
"Photo radar should be outlawed on a federal level as a violation of privacy. The law gets a picture of the inside of your vehicle with photo evidence of what is inside W/O the issue of a search warrant. I live in Az and have dealt with photo radar for years. NEVER have paid any tickets or even acknowledged their existence and have not had anything happen to me. No reports on either my driving record or credit reports. The town of Prescott Valley has SEVERAL of these "Speed Traps" set up and surprisingly the people in charge are all for them. The worst part about that is the idiots living there aren't smart enough to vote in people who will kill the cameras. There are several ways of handling photo radar. The easiest method is a paper bag placed over the camera and secured with duct tape a better method involves a 4WD and chains possibly the use of a cutting torch to prevent putting it back up."
"Great job exposing your local government for what it is! Lets get rid of all incumbents (no matter what party) Local, State and especially Federal, to send a signal that we
want "Big Government" off our backs! Our founding fathers would be ready to "spill some more blood" to restore freedom in this country! Let's just do it the easy way! Vote all of the "Crooks" out of office! (Fresno, California)"
" -747447.html
I read with great interest about the way you got ahold of that website domain and I think it's great!
If they don't ask for it back, don't offer! Forget those few and far betweens that are urging you to give up the name. You're not bashing or anything. You're allowing for freedom of speech. We're now having to deal with the same company down here in Florida. Good luck to us all!
"Regards from Spain.
I saw your new here:
EL CONFIDENCIAL.COM is one of most important news on line in Spain.
You are our hero.
Angel Fuentes
Coru??a - Spain
Look my city "
I've just read an article about your story at the German Yahoo news site - it's so funny!! Well done!
I would love to do so in Germany :-D
Stephan (Frankfurt, Germany)"
Jamal - L.A. and Bay Area - California"
"Good for you Brian McCrary, enough is enough. infiltrate , destroy , and rebuild!!!!"
"Don't give back the domain dude! Sell it back to them if they come asking, and charge 11 times what your ticket amount. Then pay the ticket with their money!! lol..."
"The way you got this website is the BOMB.
I lobve it, just l;ove it.
Here we are dealing with red light cameras now and in fact they have a white Van that is all tricked out inside with speed cameras and they park it along the street and open the side window and it records you and you get a ticket in the mail and you have to mail the payment OUT OF STATE to a company that then gives 80% to the city.
People are just sick of it and are boycotting Business's in Juno beach Fl where the van is parked.
They have take away the van now and replaced it with cameras at the intersections.
I sure would like to snag the City's web address.
Bryan Stevens
Palm Beach florida."
"Just wrote you from Alaska... You should have people take pics of coppers and their speed traps. I have a great spot, there is a speed limit sign covered by trees, and 50ft down the road is a cop waiting to make some money. I guess the chargers they are driving aren't good enough!!"
"Just saw yahoo news what you did to Bluff City PD. Awesome!!! Cops and their power trips. I'm in Wasilla, Ak. I was pulled over for being pushed by the wind onto the yellow line, then pulled over. When we got to court, the cop said it wasn't windy, even though he got out of his patrol car without his cap on, as it would have been blown away. Then also lied in court about the location, and said it was in a safety corridor, which doubled my ticket for no insurance from $500 to $1000. I supena'ed voice recording and video recording, but of course, officer said he didn't have either. So finally I talked to dispatcher, and she recommended printing out the blotter, which has the location as he called it in. This is the only proof I have that he lied in court and was wondering if you have any idea about what I should do?? Or if anyone else might. I'd be happy if the officer paid the extra $500 since it wasn't a mistake, it was intentional! He also said at the location that "it was people like me that make his insurance rates go up!" This was the case from the start, nothing about a safety corridor, as I was never in it. I came from a different location and was at least 100 yards away from even entering it!!
"Who's the sheriff in this podunk town? Joe Higgins, the famed "Dodge Sheriff" who uttered the words, "You in a heap of trouble, boy!""
"As a retired police officer from Michigan, I was very shocked to see that the Bluff City Police Department had let their domain name lapse! Of course curiosity got the best of me and I had to read the article and check out your site!
I just quickly read through a few of the previous comments that some of your visitors had left for you. Like the police officer in California, I have a tremendous dislike for these photo enforcement units. I agree with him in that, the constitution, very clearly, spells out our right to face our accuser. That camera cant go to court to testify against ANY of the tickets its computer system issued!
Besides that, in Michigan, I know a great many police unions that would file greivances against the installation of those cameras on the basis that it is taking away work from real cops!!
Lastly I would like to reply to the comment form a reader who stated that the Detroit, Michigan judges get up to 50% of each fine placed into their retirement fund. I have never heard anything like that. Thats absolutely ABSURD! I guess, maybe, in a round-about way they do..... The fines are divided up and some percentage goes to the state and some to the municipality or county that actually issued the citation. Once the city or county get their percentage (albeit ever-so-small!) the moneys go into the general fund. No fine money ever goes directly into ANY judge's or police officer's retirement!! I love what you've done with the site! Keep up the great work!!"
"I so love this sticking it to the cops. I have been victimized by them and their radar too many times. These cameras are a joke and that should not be allowed. Keep up the good work and the fight. Laura from Florida"
"Good job. I remember 50 years ago when my father was caught in a speed trap for going 6 miles over the speed limit in Sebastian, FL and didn't have the money in his pocket to pay the ticket. The police took him to jail until my grandfather wired in the money, while my mother and three kids were left in the parking lot until the money arrived. To this day I associate Sebastian, FL with being a place I can't trust. ds West Palm Beach, FL"
"Tickets have become a way of revenue for police departments and states. It's not about safety anymore it's about MONEY and jobs. There should be law enforce of speed zones, however when police setup a speed trap they clearly know that the zone is built for faster speeds then what is posted. Sometimes there is a safety issue, but I am convinced that these traps are created for revenue generation. Keep up the good work. You are spreading the word on how corrupt things are getting out there.
Rob Johnson"
"We support the cameras both fro speed & stop sign violations, for small dept.s this is a godsend, five camera s for the $ of 1 part time officer to try and due a speed trap
I think that it is great what you have done. I am not one who believes in anarchy, but I do believe that we need people like you to watch "good" people to make sure that they do not become bad. I completely understand the cameras and do not (for the most part) have a problem with them. When someone like this intentionally takes a piece of equipment like this and uses it only to make money, then I have a problem. This is clearly what is happening here. They are only using this to make money. Please, please, please continue on with what you are doing. Not only is that City having to wake up but you are going to cause every other (bad) municipality to second guess what their intentions really are. All the good ones will continue being good and the others will understand that they will have to be accountable.
Thank you much,
"Who can look thru this cameras as they sit there 24/7? FBI? CIA? DOD? ATF? NSA? IRS? DIA? DEA? DOT?"
"Provides an opportunity for all of us who think we are special and do not have to obey traffic laws - or any other laws, for that matter - if we don't want to. Those laws are for other people. We should be able to drive as fast as want, whenever we want and rip right through those stupid red lights if we think we can make it. We're special and we know it!"
"Hi! You gained publicity also in Finland, Europe. The biggest PC Magzine in Finland published a story on your website and the history of it.
With kind regards,
"I love what you did to the police website!
I had a ticket there too...
Can't believe the police are that stupid to loose their website :)
Thank You"
"I read about your story in the news and wanted to say "YOU ARE THE MAN!!!"
Hysterically funny! The funniest (and ironic) thing is the Police Chief's comment: "I feel like he's doing it out of revenge because he got a ticket" - GEE -- YOU THINK???
Awesome dude!
"I stumbled upon a press release about your site and your situation. All I have to say is "GOOD JOB!". It's about time that technology is used against the same corporation that imposes it's tax our citizens."
"It's good that you fight this:? Out here in Commie-fornia, the fines are upwards of $400 for "redlight cameras", and they go on your record.?
But people are fighting it, and? they've recently passed legislation limiting the fines for "rolling right turns on red", the most lucrative "offense" (but not terribly dangerous).?
Little by little, we can beat the bureaucrats back."
"Well done.........that story certainly falls under "it's a round world". We have cameras in Tampa for red light runners but not any for speeding.It just doesn't feel right machines taxing people.The question is where does it stop?I think it's illegal to spit in Singapore or chew gum on transit .A few more stupid laws like that and city hall could double their revenue.It may be time to find a place where the people run the government....umm what a novel idea.
Rick ........Tampa"
""Way to stick it to the Man"
Raleigh, NC"
"way to stick it to the man! F traffic camera's"
"Do you post all the comments? Or do you screen them and only post the important ones? Will this be posted? Thanks."
"Just read an article on your site and checked it out. What Bluff City is doing with this speed trap is despicable. I'm against speed traps in general, but when a city intentionally attempts to TRICK its citizens, or those passing through, by changing the speed limit specifically to trap unsuspecting drivers, they deserve to be thrown out of office. If the speed limit remained unchanged I might be writing a different email, but what Bluff City has done is nothing but a money grab. The minute fines change from a deterrent to a revenue source to be manipulated, there is a huge problem. Keep up the good work!"
"If you want to achieve results in your fight against the speed trap, it would be useful for your web site to publish a compiled list of Bluff City businesses and their phone numbers. Suggest that visitors to your site call the businesses and tell them they will not do business with any BC business until the speed trap is removed. If each business owner gets 50-100 calls, they'll get the speed trap removed. A starter list of businesses can be found by Googling "Bluff City Businesses" and you can get a better list by searching Bluff City on Google Maps, at a high zoom level. Businesses are listed on the map, and you can Google the businesses to get phone numbers.
By the way, I don't suppose you've seen any evidence that a challenged fine gets thrown out, have you?"
"Sounds to me like Piney Flats and Bluff City are under the control of Boss Hog. Better call Uncle Jessie and the get the boys out there to take care of the problem."
"Great Job ,,I love it
any info on how to break the cameras..or the sensors ??
"Sounds to me like Piney Flats and Bluff City are under the control of Boss Hog. Better call Uncle Jessie and the get the boys out there to take care of the problem."
"Great site. I received a speeding ticket via the bluff city speed cam. Do I have to pay this? What happens if I ignore this?"
"Although clever and a bit amusing, why do this and attribute to the dumbing down of our society? People should be held accountable for their actions. If you speed and get the fines. Give the police department back their website and let them focus on law enforcement issues and not with someone who's pulling a prank like a class clown.
Missouri Resident, Eagle Scout and Former Marine"
"Not so long ago armed highwaymen were caught and hung, now they work for the government.?
Vote all the lying criminals out of office in November.
"I just wanted to let you know that I love what you have done with this page. Keep up the good work!"
"These traffic ticketing programs are for the financial benefit of the local judge's, not the police departments! The court judge's have the authority and they run these scams. This whole "system" started in Beaverton, Oregon when they hauled in $500,000 during a three month test trial some years ago, when I lived there, and they have never looked back. Photo radar has spread like a virus worldwide since then. I was ticketed by mail from Scottsdale, AZ, for a photo taken of me speeding on a long (circular) downhill, four lane boulevard in Beaverton, Oregon. I sat through a court session one evening in Beaverton Municipal Court and only in my own case, where the human camera operator was unable to be present at my hearing, were the alleged guilty excused, without cost. Everybody else was Guilty as Charged and had to pay from 50%-100% of the $200 fine. There were no extenuating circumstances allowed; it was a Star Chamber atmosphere.
I made inquiry and was told by a Beaverton city court clerk that 1/3 of each fine is put into the judge's retirement plan, because he was "on contract", and was not a regular court employee. These photo radar judges are on commission! This is not an uncommon practice. In Detroit, Michigan, 50% of every traffic ticket is put into the presiding judge's retirement plan, so go figure. Our problem is not with the police who operate these machines, our problem is the court judges! They need to be exposed and named so we will know who is the primary beneficiary of our fines!"
"I work with a travel co. that will remain nameless.
We had 2 tour buses scheduled to go to Tenn.
After hearing how Tenn treats their visitors.
The group changed itinerary.
Suggest you elect officals that are for the people, not the money.
I always wanted to visit Tenn but now I don't think that will happen"
Dave in Canada"
"Congratulations on the site. I am a Police Officer with the State of California and am happy to see this. I personally believe in the Constitution of the United States which gives us the right to see our accusor when we are accused of a crime. In too many states people are accused by machines and technology that place blame on the "registered owner" even if they were not driving the vehicle. If you get stopped by a cop, he/she does not write the ticket to the RO, they write it to the driver. Also, a camera cannot use reasoning to determine if a driver needs a ticket or a warning. Some drivers only need a warning to remind them to pay attention. Even after giving a driver a ticket, I have at times, ripped up the original that I am supposed to turn in. A camera takes this determination away from the officer in an effort to make more revenue for a city. Also, how often are these cameras calibrated and how can a city be sure they have the right vehicle. An officer has to be trained on the proper use of radar or the ticket will be thrown out in court. Is there any training involved in the use of speed cameras and the issuance of tickets with them
Good job and keep up the good work"
"Bravo, sir! Well played."
"they have some red light cameras in the st louis area that have got me a couple of times. one time i distinctly remember being across the line before it turned red, but i got a ticket in the mail anyway with a blurry picture of my cars front tires behind the line at a red light. i think they doctor some of these photos on close calls to get more money out of people. i mean what's to stop them?? the people running the camera/ticket operation are out of phoenix or somewhere else anyways. there's just no way to prove them wrong. it's ridiculous and illegal in my opinion and congratultions to you."
"Found you through g-ticket/story?id=10858731&cid=yahoo_pitchlist
What Bluff City has done is ABUSE it's police power for money. Smells a lot like extortion to me. Find out who's responsible and bring criminal charges, maybe a class action or something. But teach these people that they will be held personally responsible.
I'm disgusted with the government's efforts to criminalize freedom, and I grieve that they are continuing to get away with it.
I commend you for your excellent work. Perseverando.
"What's the big deal?? If you aren't breaking the law and speeding, why worry about the cameras???? Seems like this is sort of like the lawbreakers making the laws to me. ?
The Ride of Your Life - The Tennessee Walking Horse!!"
"Check out this app that you can have on your phone that helps identify red light cameras and live police traps. I use it and it's great.
"Congratulations. I do not see this as "revenge" to the police department, as they have stated, rather I see it as fighting fire with fire, that is, using technology to your advantage, as the PDs are doing with Web Cameras. the only differece is that the PDs, as government representatives have an obligation to minimize their intrusions into citizens lives. As a private citizen, you rightly have no obligation to minimize monitoring and reporting of the government, and there is a collective duty of citizens to do so. More power to you.
"Nice one mate.
Here's a link I think you may enjoy:
Best regards,
Howard Dembovsky"
"read your story on the net...ha,ha,ha bluffcity cops snooze, bluff city cops lose... dave b kingsport tn"
"My daughter goes to Texas A&M in College Station Texas. They had red light cameras circling the campus to prey on the student population in the college town. Early in the year it went for a vote and all of the cameras have been removed. It can happen."
"It is with great pleasure that I commend you on your choice of venue to combat a nonsensical piece of bureaucracy. I agree that this need to get more publicity and embarass the moronic leadership.
"You are on russian web news, good job!
"This is by far the best story I have ever read! You truly are an inspiration for payback. I hope all those worthless pigs learned a lesson about picking on someone with a head on their shoulders. Keep up the great work! Chris from Minnesota"
"F**k those dumb revenue enhancing pri&ks. Good on you mate!"
"You might want to thing about adding a link where people can send donations, ( like paypal ) to help you run the site. People hate these money grabbers and ARE willing to donate. I run several sites and it takes bucks and buckets of time. Just a thought......
Go get em and don't back down!
"Hello from UK, London, u r a star !!!
Great job re
Sebastian Moc"
"Well done. Those cameras are, in my opininon, illegal anyway. Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket but getting one from a camera is going too far. I got one from Oregon a few years back in the mail two weeks after returning from there while on vacation. I will never go back to that state to spend my hard earned money again. Most speed limits are kept rediculously low anyway so that cops have a way to create revenue at a moments notice. This turns cops into revenuers/tax collectors. I have no tolerance for revenuers. Its not the peoples fault that the government thinks they have an endless supply of money - they don't. If they can't balance their budget, they need to lay people off including cops and fire fighters and sell stuff like we the people have to do to get within our means. Again, what an awesome way to get a little respect. I know at least one IT manager that's in hot water now...."
"F**k these cops and the power they weild, doing nothing but revenueing on the public. They are supposed to be our public servants but, instead, we serve them up our paychecks under threat of imprisonment. Their entitlements are ruining the country's financial well-being and their arrogance is sickening. What a great way to illustrate just how stupid they are and to dispense with their overbearing authority that says they are better than the rest of us.
"Photo enforced traffic lights suk.
Laguna Beach. CA."
"Way to go David!! You're my hero..Tickets are nothing more then a hidden tax, I caught the city of Peoria, Az lowering the yellow light time to catch more people with their red light cameras. This decrease in time by a fraction of a second increases accidents by 215%. So do let then give you that public safety crap. They are killing people their so they can make a few bucks.
Best wishes, Mike"
"Great job. You might sell it back to them for a hefty sum."
"Hello, here in Brazil is like that. We call here the "industry of money". Many do not have signs indicating that the speed is controlled. What we can do? But his idea was very good. Greetings, Rodrigo Jaccoud."
"Hi from Poland,
I Just wanna say that your action got quite well-known in my country, where we can read about you
And YOUR website here,1,3240448,artykul.html
Take care,
"i absolutely love your site! I'm from Paradise Valley, Arizona-- the first city to employ these ridiculous abusive cameras-- and now they've overrun all of Arizona Please buy out the various AZ websites as well! Thank you for a moment of sanity and humor surrounding a public nuisance and scam!"
"Dear Sir, My hat goes off to you and the guy who gat zapped in Oklahoma by a local speed trap. There is also a huge speed trap in Rush Springs, Oklahoma where the speed zone drops from 70mph along a state four lane highway down to 45mph and yep, you guessed it, my fine was $164 and that included an extra "$50" in cash along with the fine which also was paid in cash-their rules. The court told me that if I paid the extra $50 bucks the speeding ticket wouldn't be turned in to my insurance company - I hate those guys but what can you do? This same police force chased me down about eight miles past their town and accused me of driving off after filling up with gas at a local quick stop, luckily for me the girl at the register remembered me paying. I hate those guys. Many small towns in Oklahoma are dependent on simple minded local yokels who are too lazy to work a real job and enjoy harassing the working men and women of the state. My job requires me to drive in the vicinity of this small corrupt town but now I drive miles around the town to avoid this local police corruption. I hate those guys. Thank you for letting me blow off steam."
"Speeding Cameras and high fees are the same problem in Germany.
Congratulations for that genial coup.Best Wishes
Lothar Rensch
"I just wanted to say "good for you." Washington state is full of those speed traps, and I get enough tickets ... I love what you did!!! Smart.... ?;) Alyssa"
"I just wanted to say, pulling the domain name from them was simply awesome. How many times have they pulled you over to harass you since this went down?"
"I just read about your take over in the german where it is places on page #1. Congretualtions.
Your are very welcome to visit me germany to drive my superstrong BMW Diesel with 145 mph on the autobahn just like we do every single day when we drive to work and the road is clear. But because police gets me on my nerves too I have a RHD Rolls Royce Classic Car just to anger the cops.
Every single time cops polling me to check the documents of this Rolls Royce these robber-knights walk to the wrong site of the vehicle where the front seat passenger is empty, wich is quite funny. My website
Best regards from germany
"Just read about it on yahoo!. And all I can say is, it's an AWESOME deal taking over the website.
Greetings from Berlin, Germany
"I live in Jefferson Parish Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Our red light cameras have been turned off, at least temporarily, when it came out that the camera company was giving kick backs and gifts to the local politicians. I bet there is a lot of this kind of corruption going. No wonder our local politicians became so supportive of this for "safety sake". I am not sure they improve safety. After the cameras came to town I have seen drivers nearly panic when the light turns yellow. I've seen some slam on the breaks causing near rear end collisions while others floor it to get across on the yellow. I was almost rear ended myself. So now I slow down to about 10 below the speed limit at least 1/2 block away, then speed up at the last few seconds of approach, if it hasn't gone to yellow. That gives you time to hopefully stay out of trouble and not get a ticket. But the whole thing is just another tax, and speed traps and red light cameras are undermining respect for Police, government and Law and Order. They are also hurting local businesses and therefore the local economy. We used to fish/vacation in Grand Isle Louisiana, but you had to go through the town of Golden Meadow's speed trap to get there. After two tickets over 20 years ago, we never went back, we go fishing in other places as far away as Florida."
"I'm a 55y/o WASP full-time employed tax-paying conservative physician who drives safely, doesn't drink, smoke, carouse, gamble.. etc... one of whose few (until recently at least) beefs with the "establishment" has been this dehumanized, parasitic, photoenforcement abomination that is good for nothing more than taking one more "bite" from honest individuals who've been taxed & feed to the point of frustration (if not bankruptcy) already. ???? Sir, I applaud you. The government's taken most of it, but there's enough left that if you ever get to the TorC NM area, dinner's on me!???? "doc" Dave."
Way to play it smart! Congrats to you.
Here's another opportunity for you. My company markets Legal Protection services, which also fights any and all "Moving Traffic Tickets" for people.
As I'm sure you'll agree, this is a much needed service in today's crazy world.
I'd like to see what would be involved for me to put a banner on your website. It looks like this:
Which would link to my company website address:
All you'd have to do, is simply add this line of code to your web page:

That's it!
Let me know your thoughts, and what kind of a deal we could work out together.
Success in all you do!
Keep it up!
Eric Willden"
"Bravo to you for taking over their website LOL....
there is a anti-photo radar orginization in Phoenix Arizona that has worked succesfully to have all the cameras taken down on state highways, however the cameras will remain up in the cities until November when the citizens cast their vote to ban all photo radar cameras from the entire state. They are the ones who collected teh signatures to get it on the ballot..
Good luck and keep up the good work!
"I live in Los Angeles and received a Red-Light camera ticket and paid $500 big ones, plus traffic school. I made a California right turn...meaning I slowly rolled around the corner. The city of Orange Country, CA is putting the vote to the public whether to have Red-light cameras in their city. I thought this would be good for your site. Follow link for the article.
Good luck in your crusade!
"Just read about you on CNET. You are my new hero. To hell with all those scientists and mathematicians and physicists and chemists. You ROCK."
"Now this is an AWESOME way to stick it to 'the man'! I love it and applaud your efforts. Way to go, friend, way to go!!
JB in GA"
"Way to go! I was caught in a similar trap in 2008 while on vacation, and was just following the local semi's who never slowed down. But because my plates were out-of-state, the local PD pulled me over and issued me a citation. Never mind I was going the same speed as the rest of the traffic! They know out-of-state drivers don't want to come back to go to court, so we end up paying the fees and fines!
Also, congratulations on the purchase of the domain name!
"Congrats on your excellent idea to take over the site! Hope someone can do the same for the Oak Ridge Tennessee city site and blast THEIR cameras too!
Keep piling it on Brian! All the best!
Eddie Stair
Clinton, Tennessee"
"These are links from my home town.
I beleive it is the same company Johnson City has contracted with.
"I'm a Bristol, VA native living in Knoxville. I just wanted to let you know that you have made it onto a world renown gadget blog and people all over the country are reading about this now. Good job. I almost got caught by the speed camera on my last visit to the TriCities."
"I have a quick question. What if someone else is driving your car, and they are speeding through this speedtrap, and the ticket is sent to you?
How do they know it wasn't you driving?
Jeremy Dempsey
Denver, CO"'s response:
"In TN since the tickets are a civil violation, the cameras do not take a picture of the driver. They really don't care who was driving since no points go on your license anyway. You have to fill out a form if you are the owner of the car but were not driving it at the time, and on the form state who was driving at that time."
"Just messaging to say how much of an idiot you are. Just follow the f**king law, its not that hard. Speed limit is 45? Go f**king 45 and maybe you wouldn't get the stupid ticket. Now you can stop being a 12 year old brat, f**king grow up to be the 30 year old you are, and get on with life. People like you being this f**king stupid is what is ruining the american society.
You make me sick."
"man those cops or going to be up your ass everytime you get in your car"
First,, let me apologise about writing to you,, I simply have no one else to write to about this. Memorial day weekend, I came thru a town called big cabin oklahoma. The 400 pound police officer pulled me over and gave me a speeding ticket. Yes, it was a trap, I will spare you all the details, but trust me, this is the most offensive thing I have seen in america. Totally unamerican what they did to me. Anyway, I googled Big Cabin Oklahoma, and it turns out that this town has actually had their priviledges of writing tickets revoked by the department of health in oklahoma. I wanted to write the mayor and the chief and whoever else would listen a letter, but then I thought, they are allll in on it. So, hey,, it was hard, but I forgave it, paid my ticket and moved on. If you have the time to devote to this, you can check out big cabin ok. The police officer was the most unprofessionsal that I have ever seen. Even on the line of being abusive.
Thanks for listening!
$ Jack Martin $"
"Congratulations on your take over of the web site. It is truly nice to have a way of fighting back against the money-wasting government hacks. Speed cameras are not about safety, they are about making money. Rodd Verhasselt should get a life - I imagine, he drives a Prius."
"Your all over the german news, not only that one page that Nico already mentioned:
just a few picked out from several european countries:,-Homepage-der-Polizei-gekauft-_arid,2166709_regid,2_puid,2_pageid,4293.html
As you can see Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland and several other european countries are loughing their heads off over you giving them a revenge of that kind!
Good job, bro! Keep fighting...
Greetz from Germany, Cani"
"Check out my thoughts on the subject of traffic cameras on my blog at
($afety Fir$t: Traffic Cameras and You). As you'll see, your story made me laugh out loud.
"We just published an article about your great story with on our website . Our german website provides information about the lastest news and stories from all over the world as well as service-oriented articles for our readers. We have up to 100.0000 visitors a day and we think your story about will entertain our readers. Here is the link to our story about you:
Maybe you want to link our article in your section - in the news.
Yours Sincerely,
Lisa Ebert"
"So, this is the legacy most of you are leaving your children, "Take no responsibility for your actions and pass the buck". Pretty disgusting the way I see it. Laws, all laws, SPEED laws are put into place for protection and safety. It's all very simple, don't speed and you won't get a ticket. Not from a camera and not from the officer down the street hiding behind the building. I lived in Granby, Colorado; a town of about 2000 people about 100 miles west of Denver, for about four years. The speed limit changes were the same there, 55 to 40 to 30 and finally 25 in town. The signs are there all you have to do is slow down. Paying attention and having your eyes always scanning is part of driving and if you are doing that you do see the signs.
Stores and banks have cameras installed to help DETER and apprehend shoplifters and robbers. Is that an invasion of your privacy ? Is it okay for you to go in and steal something or rob a bank and then complain about the camera evidence in court ? Part of the current evidence against Joran Van Der Sloot is video image! It works; maybe not perfectly and maybe not the correct person driving the car, but mostly it works in taking pictures of people speeding or running red lights. Excessive speed is one of the top causes of most accidents. Most police officers give you about 5 MPH over the limit anyway, above that you know you're speeding. What amazes me are the people that are complaining about speeding 10 MPH over the limit. There should be a day of jail time for that! To me if you put speeding and running red lights together you have a very fatal ending. When the light turns yellow that means to slow down and prepare to stop; not step on the gas! When the speed limit sign says 45, that means 45! It's all pretty simple.
Rodd Verhasselt
Newport News, VA"
"I love your site. What a great idea to create it to warn others about the camera speed trap. The Internet is a great public forum and using it this way to fight back is a great service to provide to the public. I have something similar at my site,, to warn consumers about poor satellite Internet service. I believe that the Internet is a great leveler for consumers and citizens. I commend your efforts and wish you great success. Good luck! Edward"
"Congratulations from Paris/France... we have also (a lot of them!) those moneymaking cameras.
Keep it up !
"LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Kudos for getting some "justice" and sticking it to the man! Might not be a lot, but it sure is great reading!
"Seems that the elders of Bluff City have been drinking too much moonshine ...... I applaud you for what you did, the combined IQ of the Bluff City City including this idiot Police Chief does not amount to half of the IQ of a rock ....... Great work on your part!"
"I applaud you and your site for taking the time to show "our government at work"!
I think you should prominently publish the names of the people who decided to create the speed trap! All to often people, instead of doing what is right, hide behind their position.Let the light of truth shine and perhaps others will think twice before what amounts to (in the case) stealing from the populace. The money collected from the speed trap is much better used for private enterprise, building and creating real jobs than supporting typical gov't moneygrubbing/inefficiency...
Thank you again!
~John, San Francisco"
"I commend you for being observant enough to legally take over the web site and expose the apparent cash cow setup by the police department. I certainly understand Chief Nelson's concerns, but those warning signs that flash vehicle speeds to drivers are just as effective - they obviously prefer the $250 million/ month. (Can that be correct? No police department handles that kind of cash flow responsibly.) Happy motoring.
Jason from Hartford, CT."
"Hi Dude,
your Page is on,56067.html
Good Work!
Greez Nino
from Germany"
"What a story you have here. It is funny in so many ways and sad because people feel your pain in getting any ticket. It is why I started Ticket Trap _www.ParkingTicketGame.com_ ( .
Millions of tickets are given out every year. From getting my own tickets living in the city, I wanted to see and do something to help people. Ticket Trap is a 5 level Q & A game about parking regulations. It is in English & Spanish and free to play at this time. I am planning to update and make it more fun to play.
I would love your comments about the game if you have the time.
All the best to you and your efforts to fight tickets!
Ticket Trap"
"i. saw the site on a online newspaper of sorts. Wanted to say good for you. bout damn time someone took stuff like this by the nads and showed it for what it is."
"I must say it is really sad when public safety is set aside in favor of raising revenue to perpetuate the employment of person(s) compromising my safety. If there is a problem intersection, increase the yellow light duration a second or two. I'd love to see how many billions would be saved in medical costs, pain, suffering, lost wages, insurance payouts, etc. by enforcing safety compared to the revenue raised in the name of it. I'm all in favor of upholding reasonable speed limits and enforcing safe driving and doing it in a consistent, expected, professional manner. One should be held accountable for one's actions. But these cameras have been deployed in a way that perverts that tenant of citizenship.
-Chelmsford MA"
"A standing ovation to you!"
"LOL, I LOVE it! You've got brass balls my friend and it's about damn time someone gave these minions a taste of their own medicine. We need to do this to every dang complacent federal, state and local entity and hijack their web sites in order to show them who is in control of this damn country. We are not THEIR cash cows and I for one wanna see this revenus machine crash and burn. If "they" want money, then they can get out there and actually work or produce something for it.....GD parasites!
Learn the truth..."
"I'm a fan of what you did here. I live in Chicago and these Red Light Cams(Revenue Machines) have to go! There have been protests but as far as I can tell the politicians in this city don't care at all what the tax paying citizens think. We need to organize and fight this Chicago! We need to go out and egg, paintball, spray paint, or tear down those cameras! Lets get smart like Bluff City Brian and hit them where it hurts! Lets STOP BIG BROTHER from CONTROLLING OUR LIVES! WE WORK TOO HARD FOR THIS CRAP!"
"Here's a California citizen's response to red light cameras: Thought you would be interested in it."
"I don't know why I feel compelled to write you, I normally just read and move on.
I see that you have a lot of support and I get why.
I mean it's frustrating having to pay for these tickets when times are so tough.
I am guilty of speeding myself (lots)! But now that I have children, I make a conscious decision to do the speed limit. Not only that... It's the law. I know you were angry, but were you speeding? And if not, then did you have your say in court? I know you must be getting 100's of e-mails and you probably won't even read mine..... I just don't want people to think of the Police as bad people, they've saved my life more than once!
Your story really blew up and now they are the bad guys for doing their jobs. They have families, they have bills to pay just like you and I.They are real people, and it's nothing personal. I had to get to my 30's to finally get that, they are not out to destroy me. ;)
No one ever steps back and look at any mistakes that they may have made. I admit, had I not been speeding, or made a full stop at that stop sign, I wouldn't have gotten a ticket. These rules and regulations are there for the safety of not just us but our children, and community. I hope you do the right thing and Give the PD their domain name back. It would be the right thing to do.
I'm not a Police Officer or a Lawyer, pretty unimportant person actually, just a mom who loves her family. I rely on the police, to help protect me, keep me and my family safe.
This is especially for those who are not particularly thinking how scary a car accident can be, when you are with your children and rear ended by someone speeding..... And all they did was look down to turn their radio knob and wasn't aware the car in front of them stopped, it just takes a second, but...... maybe if they were doing the speed limit, maybe that could have lesson the impact and had made a difference between life and death.
Please reconsider Mr McCrary, the cameras are there for our safety and the safety of others.
I hope you know that this e-mail is not in hatred or even anger, just something felt I needed to share. And I guess I just wanted to tell you that people have died from others negligence, not evil isn't always that drunk driver who kills a loved one Mr McCrary. Speeding in any incident can kill my baby in a blink of an eye. That's why we have rules we should all follow.
Many Blessings,
WI"'s response:
"Hello Diana,
While I haven't had time to respond to many emails personally, I did want to respond to yours to let you know I do understand where some of your beliefs come from. I want safe roads as well but the original intent of this site, before it went international, was to expose the speed trap in Bluff City.
Please take a moment to scan through the first few articles at the top of the site and you will see what I mean. This is a large 4 lane divided highway with great visibility, that, as soon as you come into this small town of 1500 people, the speed limit drops 10mph and almost immediately there is a camera there. In some months this town was bringing in over a quarter million dollars a month! Half of it goes out of state and this has really been hurting everyone around here with the loss of this money they need to buy food, etc.
I am not against resonable law enforcement, I just do not believe this is the way to do it. It really does nothing to stop anyone to begin with. If I want to speed down that highway at 100mph tonight, I can do so with no worries about losing my license. If I went down it 100 times, all I'll have is a $9000 bill, but I can still drive, no points on my license, anything!"
Diana's reponse:
"I appreciate your response..I have to say I wasn't looking to be posted on your site and It wasn't intended to be rude by any means. After going on and reading some of the articles like you suggested , I see this goes a little further than just a speeding ticket. Your laws in Tn are a little different than up here. I was a little shocked by this statement in your e-mail:
"If I want to speed down that highway at 100mph tonight, I can do so with no worries about losing my license. If I went down it 100 times, all I'll have is a $9000 bill, but I can still drive, no points on my license, anything!"
UH where the heck do you live....!?! No punishment, just pay them money and "we're good"!?
And this quote!
"over a quarter-million dollars a month" in fines, most of which goes to a foreign-owned company operating the device."
This is so wrong, I don't even know where to start! If your city isn't getting any of this money back... what is the point? I have to say that this is just shameful, especially since it's such a small city. If these tickets aren't bringing any revenue back into the schools or community, then they need to come down, and the police need to get back to doing their jobs!
I apologize Brian for not furthering my research before I jumped to conclusions about your "speeding." Looks like this is about a camera catching people not even getting the chance to slow down first from doing the ORIGINAL speed limit.
Speed traps?? My City does those...... the good old fashion way, a P.O every 100 yards to get ya!
Good Luck Mr McCrary."'s response:
"Yes, in the state of TN the safety camera violations are considered civil violations and as such do not go on your driving record at all, so you can break the law as much as you want as long as you have money to pay the bill."
"Hey bud!
Great job on the snag!
You might want to add a link for (
Very cool website with a companion smartphone (and I think standalone GPS) app for reporting and tracking speedtraps around the US, the UK and Europe.
"I was in California when I was photographed two times turning right on red without coming to a complete halt.
One instance was around 5:30 am and there was absolutely NO AUTOMOBILE TRAFFIC in any direction for as far as you could see. (at least a block) The other instance is when I was rushing my wife to an emergency clinic.
The car rental company charged me $25 ( x 2 tickets) for the bother of telling the State of California who was driving their car.
Alameda County (by way of a corporation in Phoenix) proceeded to fine me $446( x 2 tickets) for my infraction(s).
That comes to a grand total of $942!!!
I wrote to the Commissioner (they don't have a Judge in their traffic court) and tried to explain that I was self-employed in a county with unemployment of 16% (at that time). I included the information that Knoxville and Johnson City didn't charge more than $100 for the same infraction and asked for mercy. I even included a SASE for her convenience of giving me a response.
The silence was a resounding answer to the obvious opinion of the government(s) who are raking in all this cash..."we don't care what you think or how bad it hurts your pocketbook."
This is just another way to tax the population..while automating their control over our everyday lives.
Patrick Sneed
Chuckey, Tennessee"
"I know the speed cameras are there and I know that more patrolling leads to less accidents. I always slow down through that section, and did even before the cameras were there, as that section of the road is more commercial and busy, but the other day I was distractedly thinking about work as I drove through that area and just went with the flow of traffic. I'm now $90.00 poorer and worried that in some way these casual tickets will show up and accumulate on all of our driving records some day in the future. That's what bothers me about cameras vs. the human touch. You can go through there constantly being perfect and one slip-up and boom-basically $100 at a pop. I can see your average good safe driver being hit several times a year across the United States. Something about that just doesn't seem right. Thanks for providing a place to bring some debate and attention to this."
"First of all congratulations on your new domain acquistion. I wrote to hopefully give you some new ammunition in your fight against cameras. I do not know if it is on state level of federal level but in Virginia the law is such that a speeding violation must be witnessed by a police officer. As you can imagine this excludes cameras and computers from being able to ticket you unless they, like dogs, are considered police officers.That being said I have read numerous articles in which the ticketee threw the tickets in the trash and fought the charges in court successfully. May or may not be true but we need more people like yourself to stand up and fight this because if it is considered an acceptable practice then what is to stop them from putting up cameras every 10 feet and mailing you tickets for profanity, spitting/ throwing a cigarette butt on the sidewalk etc... Also we have all seen instances when this kind of information has been used by someone unauthorized to access it for extortion and therefore all of this digital imagary would become a huge liability for the law enforcement community.
-Good luck,
Daniel Thomas"
"I love the site, but I think you need a link to the Bluff City Police Department?s website. (If there is one) Anyway, what if someone needs to file a report or wants to make a non-Emergency call? It's your site but I'm just saying you could at lets post the info. Keep up the good work. Here's the info
Bluff City Police Department
Chief of Police
David Nelson
661 Railroad Street
PO Box 70
Bluff City, Tennessee 37618
Non-emergency: (423)538-3700
Fax: (423)538-6031"
"i think its really cool what your doing, i can imagine bluff city pd scrambling around thinking that you hacked there website, and then finding out everything you did was legal. i also like how the person who said you weren't man enough to post their bitchy complaint, wasn't man enough to sign their name to it lol. i wish you the best in your mission and who knows maybe they'll try to buy the domain back from you and you'll make some money after this is all said and done. of course if it were me i would keep the domain as long as possible out of spite.
Kirk Gladin
Springfield, GA"
"Please check out my link concerning red light cameras and speed traps.....I have the answer to help "
"This city government and those of so many across the country, including those in my town, Lisle, Illinois, have lost sight of the fact that they are there by the will of the people, to serve the people. Setting up photo speed traps and photo intersections has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with money grubbing by your local mismanaged government.
Timothy S Crosh
Resident Village of Lisle, Illinois"
"As a former member of a law enforcement agency, I applaud your efforts to achieve some degree of "justice".
Speed cameras are a method of generating revenue with no chance of the violator to confront his accuser in court. I believe this is against our Constitution. If a police officer makes a judgment call, or uses radar, at least he has the opportunity to evaluate the situation on scene Relying on a camera prevents the necessary element of discretion to determine whether a genuine hazard exists or not depending upon real-time conditions.
In California, our basic speed law applies to "safe speed". This makes sense instead of only relying on posted limits.
You can't argue with an automated speed camera. In my view, they should be banned completely! This isn't law enforcement or public safety. It is revenue generation!
Best regards,
Newport Beach, CA"
"Your Site is AWESOME!!!! Love it. Hold them to the fire and let them know who they work for. You are doing the right thing. It comes down to money and they don?t care about anything else. Be a pain for them as much as they are for you. Hope you eventually run for office. I will monitor my city and If I ever get the chance to bust them the way you did ??My dreams could never be sweeter.
"BluffcityPD(Pi__ed Drivers?),
Great job! No, I haven't been caught by one of those cameras because I will not visit or travel a highway where one exists, if possible. I think these towns should put a policeman at each camera location, not a camera. The camera won't catch the drunken driver, someone who has a high percentage of running red lights and speeding. Therefore, my safety is being compromised in these areas and I feel it's an unsafe area to travel through. They put a policeman in front of schools' traffic zones, don't they? If this town generated so much money as has been reported, they could hire a policeman to patrol this area 24/7. This tells me this town has little interest in using the "safety camera" to improve safety.
R. Thomas,
Flag Pond, TN"
"Dear Sir,
My friend sent me an article about your purchase of the police website. While I live many miles away in CA (bay area), I applaud your actions. Out here, the red light cameras cost you a non-negotiable $436$!!! It is obviously just a money making tactic by my broke state, and I'm offended that a ticket, which is very rarely just a blatant disregard and more often just and innocent and harmless mistake, costs upwards of 10% of my meager graduate student stipend. Anyway, thanks for taking a stand--have you had any success getting the cameras removed?
"Congrats.from Va. What a HOOT-good going Guy!!!"
"Congratulations on your campaign against the organized criminals that run many of our police departments. They continually find new and creative ways to pick the pockets of ordinary citizens under the pretense of enforcing law and order. What a joke!
In my mind they are the biggest organized crime syndicate in the world and they have the financial resources of government to finance their activities.
Bill Day"
"i found an article on the huffington post about you and what happend. i say more power to you man keep it up."
"I wish you could stick it to Los Angeles. Your a Super Hero man"
"I am VERY VERSED in the Pros and Cons of speed cameras, so don't try to lecture me.
People who are against speed cameras:
1. Just want to speed and get away with it. 2. Have no regard for speed laws, which are there to keep us all ALIVE. 3. Don't care about keeping insurance rates down for all of us. 4. Must enjoy wasting gas, because that's what speeding does. 5. Set a bad example for young new drivers by telling them, "To heck with LAWS, we just want to DRIVE FAST !!!!"
I don't applaud your efforts at all and you should be ashamed of yourself.
Thanks !!!
Larry S. Singleton"
"You are THE MAN!!! Keep up the good work...."
"It's a Mayberry Town and a bunch of Barney Fife policemen who probably don't have but one bullet for their guns.
I lived there for 37 years and I still love the people and the town but I think they must have a bunch of idiots running the town.
I guess the city taxes will go way down with the police pulling in all that money and sewer and water bills are going to go way down or someone is going to have some explaining to do to show where the money is being spent. They must have more police per population than any of the other towns around.
I give thumbs up to the citizens of Bluff City, it is truly a great Mayberry town with a lot of history. It will always be home to me.
Patty Mello
Orlando, FL"
"Just read the story of the mysterious speed limit fluctuation in your town. It kind of reminds me of an episode of The Dukes Of Hazard where Sheriff Coltraine set up a rigged stop sign which was only visible AFTER the General Lee went flying by.
By any chance does the police chief in Bluff City drive around with a bassett hound named "Flash" sitting on the front seat????
If they tried pulling that crap up here in Massachusetts, there would be a lynch mob at city hall or the state house.
Honestly though, is there ample visible warning alerting motorists about the speed limit change? How far in advance is the warning and is it visible at night? Thanks!
Brad L. Bashner"
"Big love from Italy!
You've done a great job! LOL!
"Good Job My Friend; Good Job!!!!
M. W. Lowder"
"This is really funny, I found the site through news. Good statement that the public doesn't like cameras set up for automatic revenue like this one seems to be.
It never seems like we can say anything back to the police when we think something is unfair, and I'm glad that you found a way. I hope that you can make the site look nice in time, get some writers on the topic, and make this into something. You have an opportunity here, don't drop the ball, thanks.
"Just read about your takeover of this domain name.
Good for you. I hope they take those cameras down.
Frank from Maui."
"You should post the City's public e-mail address for people to provide direct feedback;
(that is the address that they publish on their website)
- Chad"
"Good afternoon. I from Russia. Has learned about that that you have selected the domain at police. I CONGRATULATE. You have correctly made. I long laughed at it. You have forced them to regret for them ???? the social attitude to drivers. Thanks you. At us in Russia the city of Surgut too have established chambers, and I consider, that it is necessary to struggle with them. I for the free country for freedom of action, for freedom of self-expression.
Mine nick name Kansol"
"Congrats on such an outstanding and sharp snag. I only wish my home town would make the same mistake. As an IT consultant with too much time on his hands these days, I too would grab onto such an exploit in a quick and most satisfying way. I expect you're getting plenty of good feed back since your story made it big.
I do have one suggestion that might help boost your renown, and make your domain name sort of synonymous with normal people getting a little payback against all the automated fascism we are faced with these days. Have you considered adding a comments section where people can vent their frustrations, report other important traffic related info, or even just celebrate such a victory? Aside from being immediately cathartic for the users and rubbing the city's nose in their own incompetence just a little more, it may provide useful ideas for directions you might like to develop toward in the future.
We all dream of stumbling across a find like yours. It is a bit unnerving to think that people so inept as to let their city's domain registration lapse are the same imbeciles who self-designate as qualified to set up automated speed traps to collect information that can have such a damaging impact on our lives. As I'm sure you know there is a financial gain to be had by whoever sets up a traffic camera, which has been documented as leading to dangerous things like ever shorter yellow lights, etc. Profit incentive and law enforcement should never meet, but they do in these cameras. Let's face it. No matter how flimsy the evidence may be, once your picture is snapped that machine might as well be judge and jury too. One inaccurate or manipulated snap from that camera could be the final straw that puts someone's insurance out of reach for them in these hard times, or even their very ability to go to work or school.
Whatever you do, please do not let them bully or intimidate you into giving it up. It is your legal property now, and that's all there is to it. I realize that may sound like a no brainer, but I have heard of people being bullied out of perfectly legal and righteous domain registrations by large companies and various levels of government. Fight the power,
Doug Cole
Austin, TX"
"First of all I would like to say that I am a proud resident of Bluff City, and I enjoy living here as well. But there is one thing that I don't really understand, and that is the whole deal about the cameras. I have to say in my opinion there are so many people out there that are acting like small children with a temper. We are adults and we need to start acting that way not like children who just had their toys taken away, You are acting as if it is so horrible to slow down for like 100 feet and then speed up, and that is exactly what I do. To me it seems as if this is some drama thing where you haven't had any attention and you just needed a little. If you honestly needed some attention you should have went and got it some where else besides here. I am not sure if has something to do with your life and the way you live or if being a theatrical drama queen is just your nature. I know from your behavior that you wouldn't be man enough to post my comment, but as long as you see this Brian that is all that matters. I just want you to know that you are not looking like someone who is cool you sir are looking like a feminine attention whore with no respect for yourself. These cameras are nothing if you abide by the laws that we have to abide by. Honestly do you go around murdering and robbing people every day that you live? A crime is a crime whether big or as small as a traffic violation, and I can stand to say that if I was to get a ticket for driving over the speed limit I would pay it and not whine. Sometimes I do believe that it is people like yourself who make the middle aged people look bad. There are 14 year olds out here that are more mature than you just give the site up and get over your 15 minutes of fame. Because Brian it is already over, and no one really cares much for you much less for Mumpower either."
"Outstanding!! Nice work, Brian! It seems police have one primary purpose nowadays... raising revenue. Cameras are just another way to extort money from citizens to pad budgets. As well, it elicits an oppressive "someone is always watching you" in people even less paranoid than I am. It's also disconcerting that the Bluff City PD oversees technology like remote camera systems, yet lacks even basic knowledge of how the Interweb works. You have inspired me!
"Major coup on the take over of the Bluff City PD domain. I have been running sites on the Internet and its public predecessors since 1988 and would love to have that feather in my cap.
I have not gone looking, but way back in the mid 1990's West Valley City Utah installed Photo Cop. After a year in service and millions of illegal fines the state overturned its use after it was deemed to be unconstitutional. I believe it was ruled a form of entrapment, but do not recall the specifics. You might be able to find reference to it, and use it as a legal precedent, albeit not specifically applicable due to the fact it is Utah State Law -v- Arizona State Law.
Randy Browning
South Jordan, UT"
"Your digital revenge is all over the news :-) Way to stick it to them! On the other hand I was going through your comments and read a few posts on the top, one of which is the "photo Blocker" Canada site reference. Photo Blocker is a complete scam just like the speed cameras themselves. Those plate covers and sprays are no longer effective against them. Those POS products used to work against the older non-digital cameras, but they are completely useless against the Red Flex video speed cameras. You can read all about it on this site I found. A couple new stations also exposed 'photo blocker' as being a scam. You can watch the news reviews on youtube.
News video #1:
News video #2
News video #3
The only countermeasures that really work are radar detectors, gps camera detectors, and laser jammers."
"I saw your article in Slashdot. I just wanted to congratulate you on a very clever piece of work.
Well done. :)
I live in Australia and we have no end of dodgy speed camera tickets due to misuse of cameras by untrained operators and badly calibrated cameras.
I did notice an article yesterday where one US location allowed the officers to guess your speed and was making or already had made it legal for the cops to do that.
Kind regards,
Darren Gyde"
"I have come across a nifty piece of software for mobile devices, that lists speed cameras, red light cameras, and current speed traps called Trapster. I have found speed cameras and enforcement locations for Bluff city on it already, I would suggest a quick look-see. I think it would be worth it."
"Hey man,
Just read an article about your site and wanted to say congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep fighting the fight! I've been an opponent of speed cameras and similar devices since the day I first got my drivers license.
"I love this story! I hope they feel stupid."
"Brian--email me your snail mail address & I will send you a small check to help w/ the cost of the domain name. I bet other people will do the same. This is the most awesome coup I have seen in a long time--I'm proud of you dude!
--James, over here in Unicoi
p.s. My wife got a ticket from these S.O.B.s the other day too."
"dude - you are awesome!!!"
"Good for you for spotting the domain expiration and buying it! You've inspired me and several more of my fellow geek friends to be a little more vigilant when searching domain names. I can guarantee you smiles have been had from coast to coast over this news story. John"
"Nice job on the website - I'm very amused.
I also hate traffic cameras, mainly from the standpoint that a civil fine isn't going to do a single thing to keep regular speeders from obeying the law. It needs to be a criminal fine.
That said, there used to be a speed-trap of a village up here around Columbus called New Rome. With a population of 110, they had 11 full or part-time police officers. Something like 65% of their total budget came from traffic offenses. People started fighting back. It was found that the village didn't have the authority to set the speed limit where they did. It was a state road, and certain speed limits were set by the state, and couldn't be modified. People fighting the tickets got the state Dept of Transportation involved to force the village to raise the speed limit. The state legislature also got into the act, passing a bill that forbid cities or villages from getting above a certain amount of their annual budget from traffic fines. The new bill allowed the state to shut down a village, although I forget the actual mechanism.
Anyway, just some information to consider. I'd check with the state and see if the city really has the authority to set that speed limit, just for starters. Then check the city budget and see where all the money comes from. Good luck.
Bob Mueller
Smaller Government. Lower Taxes. More Freedom. Vote Libertarian."
"Beautiful coup d'?tat there sir! All I can imagine is the Rocky theme song playing in your head as you realized you had just purchased the domain. keep up the good fight. Now I have to talk to the local bastards here about some half-assed registration ticket given even though I had current registration!
"Man, you are awesome. That's brilliant buying their domain. In chicago we have red light cameras ALL over, if you take a right turn on red and don't go slow enough BAM it's 100 bucks right there, if you get stuck going through a late yellow light that turns red BAM $100 bucks. it's crazy, anyway; congrats on your purchase! I hope you keep the website up and running for a long time to come!"
"Read about your domain grab online. Rock on with your bad self."
What a story!
We have the same cause, what can I do to help?
We (SignalActive) are creating a speedtrap information network for iPhone, by integrating radar detectors w/ the phones - basically trying to put live police speedtraps on the map.
SignalActive, Inc
155 Bovet Rd, Suite 476
San Mateo, CA 94402 "
"Municipalities and Police departments are the new Robber Barons, who use cameras solely to generate revenue and not for safety reasons. If they were interested in safety, they would install round-a-bouts instead of traffic lights/cameras. This would not only be safer it would decrease carbon emissions by saving fuel. NO, their just greedy and lazy, looking for easy solutions to their budget problems.
Richard Lowrey
Merritt Island, Florida"
"My name is Howard Taylor. I sat at my desk all day today giggling about your turn around of events concerning the Bluff City Police department's former" domain name. When you go look at my site your will see that even though I have a great deal of material proving to the world that the courts, prosecutors and cops are among the worst criminals on our streets no story there is as funny or shows the cops for the idiots they are as does yours. I posted your story there. You won't be able to see it yet because I have a policy of not displaying any archived material until seven days after the original publication date so the originator of the material can get the full benefit from their work.
You are one of my new heroes!
Let me get to the point of my email: how came to be and how you can help me - I DON'T WANT MONEY. Please keep reading.
A few years ago I was driving along minding my own business when I found myself ticketed for DUI. I wasn't drunk and the cops knew it. They wouldn t do any field sobriety tests nor a breath test at the station. They altered the video by deleting most of the sound track so I couldn't prove I was demanding field sobriety tests at the scene. They destroyed the video from the station so I couldn't prove they would not do a breath test (they admitted in court destroying this video). Everything the cops said was a lie. They also assaulted me and lied about it.
I find out later my attorney clerked under the judge while in law school (she hid this from me). She sat throughout the trial like a dead toad and challenged nothing - even when the testimony of the cops could be shown to be untrue simply by viewing the video! She might as well have been drunk and passed out. The entire thing was a scam directed at me because I had beat the state in a case that didn't go to civil trial because they knew I was right - they settled. I kicked their ass and this was their revenge
I spent a year in jail for nothing and now I am getting my revenge and I am just getting started.
As a result I have devoted a great deal of my time to developing LawReport org. The idea is this - people may see a story or two now and then about some one in law enforcement doing wrong. These stories are spaced so far apart that they are forgotten so that when the next story comes along it seems trivial and isolated. Even when these stories are reported by the main stream media they disappear in just a few days never to be seen or heard from again. I capture and archive as many stories as I can find/have time to enter so that people can go to my site and see just how prevalent crime and corruption is among "the good guys." Notice near the top of "The Tip of the Iceberg" page - OVER $1BILLION dollars in lawsuits from my archives and that's just the stuff I know about going back a few years. You can bet that figure is 10 times higher if not more.
My biggest readers are from .edu domains. My site is used as a research tool (that was part of my hopes and expectations). The problem I have is marketing. Nothing I have done drives hits up. I don't think very many people know about my site. You could really give "the cause" a shot in the arm if you could put my logo and a link to my site on your site. If you can do that I will send you a graphic and a small blurb.
Right now I am not happy with my layout but I find it hard to get the time to re-design it but that will happen in the next few weeks. I plan to enhance the search capabilities. As you will see at the bottom of the archived stories I list the categories they are filed under. When I get the search page done people will be able to search for information based on those categories.
I encourage you to go to my site and look around. I think you will agree it is a very good site and is pointed in the right direction. Thanks for your time Brian.
PS - If you ever want to sell the "former" Bluff City domain I will buy it.^M
PSS - You might also want to see if the other flavors of bluffcitypd are available like .net, .org or .gov and buy them.
Howard Taylor
My Bio - I have been programming computers with Microsoft technologies for 17 years. I currently program using .net and Java for the Android OS. I do web sites as well as one-click installs.
I work a day job but also have a small company named Solution Stop LLC and one product named ezTrucker. ezTrucker is financial software for over-the-road truck drivers. "
"I saw your story on Fox 59 here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I loved the story! I was also curious how you do a search for expired domains. Great job, you had me laughing today!
Thanks, Candy Blackmore"
"Those cameras are here in Calgary to.. bu the fine is high.....
what about this site?
i use it...."
"Read about your site on gizmodo. Keep being awesome! Fight those cameras!"
Find someone who knows how to setup Google maps developer kit and give people the ability to post where the cameras are...."
"I'm not a petty person, but I can't help but laugh about this. You struck gold and cashed in. Congrats to you for taking a good opportunity and making something of it!
Joy from San Antonio, TX"
"Just wanted to say great job on finding a unique and legal recourse to fluster police who seem to have made a business out of issuing citations.
- Tim Hemme"
"Hi! I'm Rodolfo Bertolucci Silva!
You are famous here in Brazil!!! "
I read the story in Brazil! The police here does exactly the same thing. Rip you off, take your money from the tickets!
Great job.
Kisses from Brazil!!!!"
"Why not just sell the domain back to them for $5k or so..."
"Hey... about not speeding?
"NICE WORK BUYING THE SITE!!! "I recommend adding the link to (although it is specific to California laws, it has a great deal of content re: admissibility that is applicable anywhere) I beat mine and it's posted here Lopez case"
Fantastic bit of one upmanship over the powers that (allegedly) be.
All the best.
Steve in Blighty"
"Hey good job! Support from Chicago, I see a lot more cameras than I'd like.
"You should have a "Donations" page so people can help with the fees. Nicely done!!!"
"cameras ruled illegal/unconstitutional in Minneapolis "
"This link has a story about red light cameras in Collier County Florida about people receiving tickets because the yellow lights are too short. "
"Great job on your new website. I am glad to see you your not just bashing but, doing so in an informative way. Of course I too was a victim of a new speed trap in Lexington, S.C. 42 in a 35 on a downhill grade of 12%. Its a joke really. I have done tests after my first ticket in 10 years, that if you do not actively brake you will run over the limit pretty easy. Also, it is worth noting that in these tough times cities and townships are decreasing speed limits on many roads by 5 MPH. Also, look for the speed limit to change in a very short non-discriminatory place. These are the new tricks some are using to raise money since property tax has fallen. I wish I had the persistence to fight back like you did. But, like a drone I paid the $88 ticket complaining to anyone who would listen.
We judge ourselves by our intent and we judge others by their behavior."
"Just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good fight. Out here in Arizona we are finally having our cameras removed in the next few months, the cash grab seems to be over for now at least..."
"You have pure ownage over all police! you are win!!! :=) you should post some videos from YouTube about police brutality
"Hi Guys Congratulations on a great public information site. I have a suggestion for a content for you. Sometime ago I've set up a google custom map which I named "Police speed trap sightings". You may want do add this map to your site so that visitors can add and share locations of police speed traps. The map is open so that anyone can add and share information. I included instructions on the left hand side of the map. Currently the map has few sightings in the city of Saskatoon, Canada but the idea is that anyone can enter sightings in their own location i.e. Bluff City.
Please take a look and try to enter few locations in your city. I think your visitors would benefit greatly: 0047586cf50b8ebd88c4&t=h&z=13
Allan Wolinski"
"I've experienced cars slamming on their brakes as soon as the light turns yellow, and have 2 friends who stopped literally just touching the white line at intersections and received $200 fines each.
Splitting the fines with private companies? BS!
You're now an official "monkeywrencher" I applaud your cleverness and moral compass.
The citizens of this country need to take back control of our laws and government, before it's completely sold out to corporate socialism. If it's not already too late.
Thanks again, keep up the good work! Ted Sebastian, Surprise Arizona"
" CA appellate court throw out red light photo evidence. Let everybody know, especially the defense lawyers. Frank"
"Way to go! I think the fact that you took over this website really highlights the concept of traffic cameras and puts them into the world-wide limelight. Maybe that will hasten the process in getting them declared unconstitutional.
We recently moved to Johnson City from out of state, as my husband found employment in Bristol, TN. Had the red light cameras and speed camera been installed when we were choosing our residence, it would NOT have been Johnson City. I am opposed to a machine doing the job that the police are supposed to do.
It was reported in our paper that the tickets as considered a non-moving violation. They could be paid and they would have no impact on your driving record. However, if a person wished to fight one and lost, that ticket would suddenly be labeled as a moving violation and would result in points off your drivers license (which can affect your auto insurance rates). Fair? I think not!
I am all for people obeying the traffic laws. However, this is merely a money making opportunity with an out-of-state, for-profit, 3rd party company determining who has broken the law and that makes them biased."
"What a jerk!! So you got caught speeding!! Slow down! Would it have been different if a cop had tagged you and not a camera?
There are others on the road besides you! You don't own the road. The world does not turn around you. You are not the sunlight of the earth.
How much time do you actually save by speeding? 3 minutes? Is that worth your life? The life of a child? Mother? Father?
Get over it you jerk. Return the website and go on with your life and be a BETTER person, not the idiot that you are now."
"Another example of wearing a Teflon(r) suit. Rather than re-assess his life, recognize his life is out of control, and discontinue deflection of responsibility, the lawbreaker stomps off in a huff like a disappointed 5 year old.
It is amazing how so many in our society blame others, or "the system," for their untoward and irresponsible actions. How about recognizing road and driving laws for what they are - protection - and obeying them. Life is made to be way too complicated, fraught with excuses and complaints. 55 means 55; 65 means 65, ad nauseum. Cause and Effect: if one does not speed, one does not get a ticket.
Sheeeesh ! ! ! The perpetrator of this offense got caught. That's a good thing! Hopefully, the tantrum-prone cry baby will have an epiphany in his life and he'll grow up!?!"
"Congrats on your new website!! Great job."
"I think that you're making a terrible mistake. Domain-squatting isn't a punishable offense, but you're forgetting about karma. I hope it comes back to bite you in the ass, because I believe you're a complete douche... and you look like a tool. BTW, I hope you never need a police assist. I'm sure they'll help you if you call, but I can't say you deserve their aid with your idiocy. If you were speeding, be a MAN and own up to it. You can't do that because you're a PUNK."
"Johnson City, Jonesborough, and Kingsport need to be recognized on your website too... The cameras at state of franklin, and Market in Johnson City flash constantly, I have been at that intersection repeatedly when o one is breaking any rule and the camera flashes for no reason - then everybody who is startled by the flash taps their brakes - this is beyond ridiculous, dangerous, and downright transparent as an illicit source of revenue. We the people have spoken and we don't want these devices -yet we have no voice and go unheard at all levels of government. This is no longer "by the people for the people". The last domino has fallen!
Glad you got a hold of this website! Good job!"
"I just want to say, Great job on getting the website. Not only did the associated press publish the news, I also heard it on National Public Radio yesterday on their Morning Edition. I, myself, got a speeding ticket from Bluff City PD. The funny thing is, I never go to Bluff City. The picture they sent me was of a red truck, which I don't own. Nor do I know whos truck it really is. However, they sent me the ticket to my home address. I called the number on the ticket, and they replied, "Oops, we made a mistake. Just ignore it." This really annoyed me because they had my name, my husband's name and our address on the ticket but the ticket should have been issued to another person. I just wonder how many other people have gotten tickets when they shouldn't have...."
"You are win."
"Read about you on
Good for you."
"greetings frome austria,
espect for this page its a good work and the police ggg. in austria europa its the same s**** the police like olways only your best, yur monye."
"you're my hero. this should go down in internet history as one of the best revenges ever. you're linked from this article through huffington post: "
"Good for you for capturing the website:
I do not frequent Bluff City but had to be there on business early one morning. I am always aware of the speed limits posted on the highways. After attending my business meeting I returned home to Greeneville, TN. About a week or so later I received a Notice of Violation which stated that I was being sighted for speeding 56 mph in a 45 mph zone. From reading the comments I see a lot people have been in violation of speeding at the rate of 56 mph this must be the magic number or are the cameras stuck on 56 mph. These cameras are a way of collecting moneys from unsuspecting people. My violation was issued after the date Bluff City PD no longer owned the website. So does BCPD have the right to issue this violation and used it against me? Should I pay my $90.00 to BCPD or to the present owner? Under no conditions will I ever pass through or spend a penny in Bluff City, from now on I will conduct business in other areas around Bluff City."
"So happy you pulled this off. These red light and speed cameras are a complete scam. I'm sitting in a cafe in Shaker Heights Ohio and outside is one of the worst examples of abused red-light cameras. It's called Shaker Square. They've got the lights timed so that you can only get through the f'n' intersection if you punch it as soon as the light turns green. If you're not in front you're just SOL.
All of these cameras are a money making scheme and should be illegal.
Again, props on this one!"
"Missouri Supreme Court bans administrative prosecution for red light cams "
"In Arizona to many people refused to pay costing the state more money then they were making. They are removing the cameras. Officaily the department of transportation says they are to inforce safety not make profit. Which why were not."
"This is THE way to protest.
Keep it up!"
"You go!!!
I got a ticket just over the MS live on 45 this weekend in a speed trap.
I have not had a ticket in 15 years or more.
I thought Texas was bad, now I know
Good for YOU!!!!"
"The PD part of that should stand for pole dancers, now wouldn't that freak them out?
Love what you are doing to them."
"In a fantastic way you have thought up! Greetings from Russia!"
"The Finnish way to deal with the cameras: "
"I can only wish that everyone in congress would read all the great comments you are getting and also how many people feel the same about this topic. These cameras are insane, and many Americans are not blind to the facts. I salute you man, the idea was epic!"
"Whole world watching? Reading this from the UAE - Dubai..."

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!
I will frame this story and forever laminate it to my wall."
"Dude, all I can say is 100% win."
"Police: Man shot red-light camera after it shot him first "
"This is the feel good story of the year.
You are my hero. "
"We the people!"
"The police chief says he now has more control over his website than he did before. He was an ignorant idiot before .... did the new website come with a brain.
Good for you."
"I currently live in New York City and today while I should have been working I stumbled upon a news article about your website. When I read it was from Blount County, Tennessee I was ecstatic. I grew up in Blount Co. and I showed your site to my entire office. Thank you and keep up the good work."
"Mountain Ranch, CA salutes you! dude you're a hero. you've brought attention to what many of us thankfully aren't burdened with elsewhere. our town doesn't have a traffic light but I'm reading though your links for hours now. the news on jun 8th has been fun to share."
"Great Web Site!
I live in Orlando, FL. They have put up red light cameras at several intersections here. The result has been an increase in rear end collisions from drivers trying to squeeze through before the camera goes off. The Cameras are coming down. If those cameras in your town are not for generating income, I don't know what is. The company that installed & maintains them gets 40%? That's ridiculous. Keep up the good work. I don't want big brother spying on me. If you want to slow down traffic, put marked officers on the street. You cannot perform law enforcement by remote control."
"I too have been victimized by this travesty of justice. *Scameras* are just a way for local officials to pad their pockets without having to go on record and face the public to raise taxes and have to justify the need. No, let's just stick up a *scamera* and exercise our license to steal. I would like to know if anyone has come across any type of electronic jamming device to foil these highway bandits or even put them out of commission totally. I'm guessing the only way to fight electronic "fire" is with electronic "fire".
Thank you so much for showing the bubbas that run Bluff City for the true thieves they really are. You have done a GREAT public service and should be given some sort of citizen's medal. Is there any way to get our state officials to ban this kind of legal thievery? Can the great Lieutenant Governor (would be Governor) stand up for his constituents who are suffering from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and the thousands in our area who have lost their jobs and vote to outlaw these bandits? I have never been a Ron Ramsey fan, but if he would get some political courage and get moving and get these things outlawed in Tennessee, I might have to consider him, otherwise he is just another cog in the Big Brother "company store" corrupted system under which we are coerced into serving. Don't get me wrong, I gladly pay my fair share of taxes to support highways, good law enforcement (not the Bluff City Bubbas), schools, etc. that enhance our communities, but it is this absolute legal thievery I detest.
Someone please find a way to stop this cancer before it overwhelms us!"
"I just got a link to your site. Hilarious! Thank you for making my day.
The above link is to an article about Redflex camera tickets in Orange County CA and R. A. Baylis Esq. who I imagine has made them and several OC cities quite mad. Long story short, if a city in Orange County wants to have any hope of winning one of these tickets they will have to fly Redflex people in from AZ to testify. Excellent! Especially when you know that in CA these tickets are a criminal matter, cost about $450 and add a point on your DMV record. In CA not paying gets ugly fast.
Mr. Baylis' website."
"It is a misdemeanor to photograph, film or observe a person without consent where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, when the photographing, filming or viewing "would offend or embarrass an ordinary person" and is done for sexual purposes. Tenn. Code Ann. ?? 39-13-605, 39-13-607. Dissemination of a photograph or videotape taken in violation of these provisions is a felony. Tenn. Code Ann. ? 39-13-605(2).
Since some States seem to think it would be unlawful to record a police officer in Public view, I think the same line of thinking should apply to red light/speed cameras. I believe there is a reasonable expectation of privacy inside my own car, don't you? "
"A few years ago red light cameras were removed from several cities. A judge ruled that the revenue sharing with the company was unlawful as NC law states that ALL revenue from tickets like that goes to the county schools. With no profit in it for them, the company removed the cameras. So another way to skin this cat might be to remove any incentive companies have from operating these camera in TN."
"If the police chief is not on top of the Web site, is he doing his job or is he deligating to the hired help. In a town of 1500, I wouldn't think that he has a big job. It's seems to me that he's passing the buck. Bottom line is he wasn't doing his job, he wasn't on top of it. Excuses, excuses, your web site expired and now your face is red! How many of the tickets were to people from out of town(Race Week end), how many of these people won't spend another dime in Bluff City, who is the real loser? I would have to say Bluff City and their fee grabing city government. I hope everyone reads this web site and doesn't pay their tickets. Your sewer service (Bluff City) is like your city goverment, it stinks!!!!!!!!!"
"you have been given praise here: "
"I love it!
I live in Murfreesboro and greatly resent these red-light cameras and agree whole-heartedly that they are nothing more than revenue generators for the company 1st and the city 2nd, with no regards to 'safety'. Reading one of the articles about where the revenue actually goes just proves the point."
"What bothers me to no end is the law in Tennessee that's on the drivers test. The test asks the question, what do you do if you approach a light and the light turns yellow? Do you slow down and go thru the yellow light? Speed up and get thru the light? Stop as quick as you can? The answer is, speed up and get thru the light as soon as you can. Please don't do this in Jonesborough because they have a 7 mph over the speed limit set on the light cameras radar unit, if you go thru the light after obeying the Tennessee law, you get a ticket, yes, if you go thru the light in a 45 limit at 53, you get a ticket."
"Congrats on getting the domain name--Bluff City needs to wake up!
The traffic camera is a joke. It is giving Piney Flats a bad name and they don't even receive any of the proceeds. People who see the warning signs slow down and as soon as they pass the sensors on the road, they are right back in the gas. So--what it accomplishes is getting people to slow down for 500 feet! The real winner in this deal is the company that owns and operates the cameras-they are making 50% of the fine for the use of their equipment. I would love to have that type of return on an investment!!"
"Good job! I congratulate you on your initiative. I hope you figure a way to make some change out of it as well.
Mark Weber
Los Angeles"
"ok, look. I'm all for protesting or standing up for your rights but I think sometimes you need to pick your battles. was it really worth the time, effort.. not to mention costs to do all this? Wouldn't it have been simpler to take it to court instead of instigating the police department in which you live?"
"I'd just like to say that you are my newest hero. You embody the revolutionary spirit that once made this nation the greatest in the world. I live in Kingsport and have vainly protested red light cameras since their introduction. Fortunately or unfortunately though, depending on how you look at it, I haven't been able to obtain enough explosives to destroy any. Both my wife and I have received tickets as a result of unavoidable timing and traffic conditions that placed us under lights just turning red. As a result of these tickets, I have begun stopping at "old" green lights or stopping and backing up rather than going through yellow lights. Needless to say, I have narrowly avoided several accidents to avoid paying out money that I don't have. Intersections with these cameras have become far more dangerous than they ever were before the advent of 24 hour government surveillance. Thank you for striking a blow against a government that stopped giving a shit about its citizens' rights and interests long ago."
"Just starting to read through your site. I live in San Antonio- we are surrounded by bedroom communities that LOVE the ticket cameras.
That is only because Texas had to PASS A LAW saying that municipalities under a certain size CANNOT base anymore of their expected revenues/budgeting from TRAFFIC TICKETS. No more than 27% of their yearly revenue can be from traffic tickets now either. I live about 30 minutes from SELMA.
(that one is in travel books for AVOID!)
IH35 used to pass right through the middle of their town sooooo here you were on the INTERSTATE going 65 or whatever and SUDDENLY the speed limit dropped to 35 on that stretch. Before the revenue prediction cap was put in place- you should have seen that WELL APPOINTED town! They had an incredible amount of money to spend! (they probably have gold toilet flushers in the municipal building! HAHAHA)
I think what you did was awesome and I am going to be on the prowl for a few communities around here that need to have their domains "re-owned"!
A Fan From Texas"
"Someone should put a bullet in these cameras. A new age super hero ."
"This is GREAT! Congratulations on winning one for the people. These cameras are nothing but money machines for whatever city they are used in. Love the bit about how the British people deal with them! Maybe its time we do the same."
"You know, the speeding cameras are a huge joke. BCPD is rather sneaky though. The required signage is virtually hidden in a cluster of signs as you enter Piney Flats. Coming from the opposite direction, the cameras are just past where the speed limit drops from 55 to 45........can anyone possibly believe this is anything other than a revenue generator? I hope that merchants become vocal about the possibility of lost business as a result of this speed trap."
"I used to live in Johnson City, but now I live in Tucson, AZ. We have a terrible problem with photo radar cameras. In fact, they've just decided to discontinue their use on the interstate because it didn't generate enough revenue. We have them at red lights in town, then a couple of mobile speed camera vans around town in various spots throughout the day. Rather than stop red light runners, they tend to cause more near accidents out here. The intersections that have the red light cameras are set up in a deceptive manner, with several white lines besides the usual 'stop here' and 'crosswalk'. The median does not extend to the the intersection, rather it stops short of the intersection by about 15 feet. At non red light cameras, the median runs all the way to the edge of the intersection. So if anyone judges where they are in the intersection by the median, they will receive a $300 ticket for running the light. eh, i could go on for pages.. good job man."
"Congratulations on your web site. While I am against speeding, photo radar cameras are not a good solution for a number of reasons. The number one cause of traffic accidents is diver inattention. Intoxication is second and excessive speed comes in third. I frequently drive in Scottsdale and paradise valley where the cameras are in use. I find myself paying too much attention to my speed and not enough to what is going on around me. I am certain that I drive more safely at 65 MPH with my attention on the road, than I do at 55 while staring at my speedometer. Another failing of the speed cameras is that they are no substitute for proper law enforcement. Once the cameras are in place, police tend to simply ignore that area of freeway. Assuming, apparently, that their robots will keep things safe. A driver who is drunk and weaving between lanes while texting at 55 MPH is fine. But, the driver who accelerates to 70 to avoid being hit will be cited. A human police officer should be able to discern who is in the wrong in this circumstance. Further, I have been driving in traffic, at a safe and legal speed, when someone goes flying by me and gets caught on by the cameras. While I am pleased to see someone who is indeed driving unsafely get his or her due, I am also briefly blinded by a bright and distracting flash of light. I believe I was safer with the speeder, than the flash of light. People who speed consistently, and thus are the most dangerous, have radar detectors or automatically updated GPS systems. So the cameras are more likely to get responsible drivers who have let their speed creep up, than the serious speeder. I did receive a letter from Paradise Valley with a photo of my license plate telling me that I had been speeding. On close inspection, the front of the car did not match my car at all and it was certainly not I who was driving. I can understand that they did not notice that I was not the drive. After all, they have no way to know what I look like. But, they matched two photos of two cars of different makes, models, years and colors. This kind of sloppy work is inexcusable. As for the police dept losing their website. When you consider the effort that is made to get a domain name renewed before it becomes available, it is pretty lax to lose one unintentionally. During the entire time it was in redemption, apparently not a single officer visited the site or made any updates to it. I feel that nothing could be added to the clearly apropos quote from the fictional character Nelson Muntz, ?Ha Ha?. Good luck with your site. I recommend selling or advertising radar detectors to cover your costs."
"My family and I live in Bristol Va. We use to go every weekend to Johnson City or Kingsport for family night out where we would purchase dinner, gas, a movie, and maybe do a little shopping. Now we avoid TN, and spend our dollars in VA. Hope they make enough off of the cameras, to make up the difference in loss sales tax revenue."
"I just read the comments on your site. I love it! Apparently my husband was doing 56 mph on his way to work at 6 am and I got sent a ticket because my name is on the car. I did not pay the ticket. I filled out a notarized form that said I wasn't driving the car and sent a "Professional nasty" letter voicing my opinion of Bluff City's scameras. At this time the ticket hasn't been reissued in the proper name. If they are going to put it against my credit, that's fine, can't ruin it anymore than it already is and now that my husband is unemployed we sure don't have 90.00 to just hand over. I think it is ridiculous that they put cameras up in this area. Instead of grabbing speeders it causes people to impede traffic by slowing down to under 45 mph. Also, not sure who is aware but the camera doesn't take your picture until you go over 54 mph."
"Hello from North Carolina!!
I'm so happy to see your creative protest and the fruits of your labor on your new website! I too was a victim of the cameras - but it was a red light camera. Not only was the ticket bogus (I was through the light when it was yellow) but the city didn't even offer a way to appeal the ticket. Your penalty for nonpayment? Not being able to register your vehicle for the next year - no ifs ands or buts. Got us by the balls. Unlawful and dastardly. The sad thing is that they have everyone duped into believing that they are helpless and that to "rock the boat" is to get thrown in jail or worse. It takes citizens like you and me to stand up and say "this is not right, and we won't stand for it." No matter the bullying, no matter the pressure, we will triumph!!"
Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the good work and offer a story to you.
A friend received a speeding ticket via a camera. The fine was fifty dollars. Our friend decided it was a bogus ticket and since the ticket was a Xerox copy, he sent in a monopoly $50 bill. The bill was sent back with another copy of the ticket. The next time our friend paid the ticket with a Xerox color copy of a $50 US bill. The Xerox was returned with another copy of the ticket along with a Xerox copy of handcuffs. Our friend ended up paying the ticket with a real $50 to avoid the real handcuffs. He was actually speeding, so he didn't want to get arrested.
Keep up the great work, and make those lazy (warranted comment since they were obviously too lazy to renew their domain!) cops work hard for their money. So hard for their money! Maybe have an auction to sell off the domain name and use the proceeds to get the cameras taken down?
Best of luck, and perhaps a seat on the city council is in your future?"
"good work sir. props from OH!"
"Congrats on making Bluff PD look silly. They had their website stolen. I wonder if they put a APB out on it. Tell Andy and Barney that Otis got into the moonshine and Floyd thinks his comb was stolen."
"Six cities that were caught shortening yellow light times for profit
League City, Texas refunds 1740 red light camera tickets after being caught with illegally short yellow times
Collier Country, Florida. Math tutor uses numbers to fight red light camera ticket
California red light camera site with lots of good info for fighting tickets
I think ANY city that installs speed or red light cameras that does not prove that accidents have dropped are just doing it for the money. Sacramento, CA was a big offender several years ago. They installed cameras under the the guise of reducing accidents at a few bad intersections but failed to adjust the length of the yellow or have both directions turn red. It used to be the home of one of the worst intersections in the country (Fair Oaks Boulevard and Howe Avenue).
How long did it take them to install cameras at that intersection? 9 years. "
"Well done!
You managed not only to get you point heard but also let it heard world-wide!!
Well done!
Greetings from,
The Netherlands (Europe)"
"Hi There,
I read about you buying the website from a news source in Canada and I just wanted to tell you "GOOD FOR YOU!"
"You show those cops who's boss. Enough is enough with this revenue generating ruckus!"
Cheers to you friend!"
"Respect the speed limit and no money will be taken from your pockets"
"Im overjoyed to find out about your effort, and your successes!! Good for you. I wish you continued success in sticking it to the man... for we all know that "the man" has become too big for his britches. And it is high time for all of the American Public to remind the law enforcement employees that... they work for us!! They are our employees!! Their jobs exist for the sole purpose of "Serving and Protecting Us" !!!
How did it happen??... that one day a while ago, someone decided that it was "Us Against Them" ?? Is it because corruption is just an inherrent part of any power based organization?? Something happened, I dont know what...but there was a tipping point, when the local cops decided that they werent on our sides anymore?? They decided that "we" were the enemy?? They decided that when they went out on the street... they were "going hunting", and their bosses expected them to come home after they "bagged their limit", and made the money to support their organization. What the heck happened? I dont know. But I know for dang sure that I dont like it !!! Not at all. I am angry as hell about it. And Im not going to take it anymore!!
Law Enforcement has become a politically corrupt institution. We honestly cannot trust most of the men in blue. That is a sad fact, but it is true. And that is why I want to mention another issue to you, an issue that is common and similar to what you are fighting with in Bluff City, TN... "law enforcement for profits c/o their hired contractors who set up intersection cameras for the sole purpose of bringing in profits"---the corruption is so obvious, it is hardly worth the debate.
What I want to mention is this... over here in Texas, we are dealing with a related issue that just really chaps me.
And what is happening here is so much more perverce and corrupt... I dare say that you should be ashamed for complaining about "intersection cameras", when there are so much worse attrocities going on. Texas used to be a strong and proud state, but not anymore. Our entire state has been invaded by Kalifornians. Those idiots from Kalifornia ruined their own state so badly, that they had to leave to find a better place to live, and so most of them moved here to Texas, so that they could ruin our state too. Just pisses me off about all these new neighbors of mine!! The Chief of Police in Austin...guess where he is from?...right, you got it...Kalifornia!!
Well here is the detailed complaint of mine... The Fourth Amendment standing against Unreasonable Search and Seizure... forget about it!! The New Society taking over in Texas has decided that we do not have any Constitutional Rights anymore. First of all, let me say that I understand and agree that drunken driving is a horrible thing. BUT... the New Society has written new laws here in Texas where... some counties/ ie some local district attorneys have OK'd the local law enforcement to abuse our Constitutional Rights. You get stopped by a cop; he accuses you of driving drunk; you gracefully disagree with him and refuse the "illegal breathalizer"; and so he says... your ass is mine bitch, and he drags you down to the local precinct, straps you down physically against your own physical efforts, and jambs a danged needle in your arm and draws blood from your body, for his legal purposes of proving his prosecution of you; of protecting him from allegations of false imprisonment and unjustifiable arrest.
What happened?? When in the heck did it happen, that local cops got the right to hog tie you and draw your blood, just to prove their case?? And Im not talking about taking you to a local hospital for a doctor or a nurse to do this medical procedure... the jack-booted-thugs do it themselves, down in the dark and dirty confines of their stinking jail.
Does this seem right to you? I didnt think so! Let us look at the big picture, of losing our rights, all over this country, in so many little ways. In little ways they slowly take our rights away, slowly, one by one. It is so gradual that we dont notice our freedoms being stripped from us, until we are such complete slaves to their system, that we will be unable to fight back.
We should all wake up; we should all be frightened; and we should all get so danged mad that we will finally start to fight back!!! The only way they will get my blood, is if I am beaten completely unconscious...I will fight them to the end, until the lights go out!! The only way they will get my gun, is from my dead cold hands!! The only way that they will steal my Constitutional Rights however... is not just up to me... it is up to us... they do it with corrupt and illegal manipulation knowing that most American Citizens wont actually revolt against them. SURPRISE!!!! The Voting Public care of the Tea Party is getting ready to Revolt and kick them all out of office this next election... not just the Democrats; not just the Republicans... ALL OF THEM... A CLEAN SWEEP OF THE WHOLE CORRUPT SYSTEM !!!! So, let's roll... let us get to the voting polls this next time. Let us be Patriots again.
Call me Ironclad, but let me quote one of our founding fathers... "Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor or private interest of any one man, family or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter or totally change that said government, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it." ...John Adams, 1780
"as both a fellow american, and a computer nerd, i have to commend your actions. ganking the website out from under those pigs was an awesome move. im sick of the traffic cameras, i live in arlington, tx, they have been popping up pretty steadily. it was a few at first, they even made the news when they went up, but now there are so many that every one just expects one at every light. its ridiculous. its just another step toward a fascist police state. thanks for the awesomeness that this website represents."
Congratulations on the legal takeover of the Bluff City PD website. Some people are complaining about your actions, though I find irony in this. Just because something is done legally, doesn't make it right. While that can be said about your website, that likewise can be said about the cameras. DO NOT GIVE THE BLUFF PD THEIR WEBSITE BACK! At least not until the cameras come down.
To the "as long as your not speeding you have nothing to worry about" people: you are sheep. Your freedom can only be maintained by the exertions of those better than you. I was doing 45 mph in a 45 mph zone with a speed camera. A car passed by me and the camera doing close to 60 mph. Now I'll assume for the sake of argument that the other car got a ticket. But so did I. I WAS NOT SPEEDING YET I GOT A TICKET. Nothing to worry about huh? The radar records the highest speed at any given time. Once the camera goes off, it's up to a non-police person to determine who was speeding in the picture that was taken. I think if there's more than 1 car that could be the culprit, they give them all tickets, and let them fight it out in a court of law if they so choose - a court of law that isn't on the side of the public on this matter. Nothing for sheep to worry about I suppose.
For those who dislike the law, remember your basic rights. You have the right to petition. Use it. Here in Phoenix, we have a petition going for a statewide ban on these cameras. I have signed it and I will be voting the cameras out in November. For the sheep, remember this - if you're not doing anything wrong, they will change the laws until you are. You have much to fear if you think your economic freedom isn't in danger. We are citizens. We are voters. We are not piggybanks to be plundered in cases of government mismanagement of the money they already take from us."
"I enjoyed looking at your sight. The comment that you spent money foolishly to grind an axe had to be written by an idiot. It is not the money but the principle. I received a ticket and was not the driver. The presumption of guilt/liabilty is unconstitutional, rehrehensible, unlawful and evidence of an organized and intentional effort to use a politcal office/organization for purposes of extortion.
What was helpful on the site was the infor that the violation is a civil matter. The rules for how to approach civil v criminal v admistrative courts is different for each level. I plan to fight this matter on a number of levels. It is a matter of principle and even if I lose I will make them earn their $90.00. I have a background in law enforcement and 40 years of experience as a civil and criminal investigator and I am really pissed off.
I have amassed a good deal of research on how to deal with this matter and I am looking for playmates to be part of a full scale effort to deal with this unlawful process. Interested in taking part? Mostly it would be in taking motions to the clerk and getting them stamped for date recieved and have them put into the file/record.
Motions will include but not be limited to:
1) Request a new judge due to "Conflict of Interest". This is a municipal court for Bluff City. The judge is an agent or employee of bluff city and hence has a built in prejudice that would not allow a fair and impartial hearing.
2) Motion to request a common law trial by jury.
3)Motion to produce specific information on the type and nature of the alleged violation including all applicable and supporting ordinances, resolutions and public laws.
4) a motion for a judicial determination as to whether this court is a court of appropriate jurisdiction for a civil action.
5)There is an issue of "standing" which has to do with who may lawfully initiate a suit. If this is civil then this is a suit and for a person to have standing they must be injured as a matter of law. Show me the injured person? I have a right to cross examine the source of the complaint. I doubt that a camera has any standing.
6) If this is a civil matter then I am entitled to a verified copy of the complaint and the associated information, notes and other documents or evidence.
7) motion to vacate any plea entered by the court by default of not paying the violation. I don't need anyone to enter a plea for me and cannot even consider what to do until a proper complaint in received and reviewed.
8)Evidence that the setting of this or any other speed limit is a lawful action. Federal and State law require there be an engineering report done to validate the setting of any speed limit. No report, no legitimate speed zone, no violation. Demand that the city clerk produce the required report. Not producing it is prima facia evidence that the speed limit is in violation of both state and federal law and thus null and void.
9) Motion to have presented the contracts, notes and other agreements between Bluff City and the provider of the camera and collection service needed to determine if the City is an agent of the Contracted Corporation or the Corporation is an agent of the city. If this is a civil action then I will enjoin this corporation.
10) motion to produce certification of both the radar unit and the certification of the charging officer.
11) Since this a civil proceedure then I can send the officer interrogatories, as well as to his chief, the mayor and the city coucil members questioning a broad range of issues and factors. That alone could take each and every one of them hours to answer.
there is a lot more I am working on that are all valid defences. If you or anyone else your know would be interested in helping with taking materials to the clerk of the court.for date stampling and perhaps gathering some other information. There would be not expense or liabilty that would apply. Look forward to hearing from you."
"Congratulations on "fighting City Hall"
This made the news in Washington DC, on our ALL NEWS Radio Station WTOP.
Keep up the GOOD WORK.
We are becoming a RED LIGHT CAMERAS and SPEED CAMERAS area of the county too.
Mark Anderson, Berwyn Heights, MD (suburb of Washington DC)"
"I was driving my mother's car through that area twice in the same week and did not realize that they had cameras "on duty", but I did slow down because I knew in the past that the BFPD did patrol it. Well my mother received two tickets in the mail for 56 in a 45 several weeks after the fact. We paid them, however neither one of us or our families will ever spend another penny in Bluff City, Piney Flats or Piney Bluff, whatever they call themselves now. We played several baseball games in their town because they were on the schedule, but I wouldn't even buy a thing from their concessions stand because of this and encouraged others to do the same. Shame on them for fee grabbing people who pass through because they have no industry or population to support their pitiful excuse for a town. So please encourage others to "BOYCOTT PINEY BLUFF" in all aspects, let's put the squeeze on them. Drive around it via interstate or back roads even if it takes longer and definitely don't spend any money there. The entire area can dry up and blow away, the mayor, the city council, the police department and even the citizens of that area for putting up with this."
"Just wanted to say a heartfelt "Thank You!" for putting up this site. I have a really hard time seeing the traffic cams as anything but a way to further tax the already overburdened citizens. Especially when the notice I received was mailed from a company in Arizona, listing Bluff City TN as the place of violation, asking me to remit payment to a separate entity in Ohio. I truly thought it was a scam when I received my notice and called Bluff City PD. After being passed to a supervisor and then, supposedly the Captain of Bluff City PD, I asked for the Captain's name. He replied, "Captain". I grew up nearby to Bluff City. It truly seems to me as if the "little small town police" are trying to overexert their authority so they can feel like "big boy cops". Thanks again! Were I still eligible to vote in TN, you or anyone whom you endorsed would certainly have my vote. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Please post a link to my scamera blog. I testified before the House Transportation Summer Study Committee for engineering solutions and against surveillance cameras in October 2009. "
I'll be out of town for a few days, but will be most a lot of information when Iget back.
"Right on !!!! You made my day ( I know... I need to get out more) I use an iPhone application named Trapster. "
"I think it's awesome that you nabbed the website of the police department. I think its absolutely hilarious, but I also think you should give it back in a gesture of goodwill. Our police do a lot of crappy things at times, but they also save a lot of lives. Be cool, give it back. Let me know if you nabb any other sites. It's hella funny!!"
First though, a THANK YOU, for all the officers for standing up and taking our safety as a career.
do you remember the Wild West of traffic tickets, the police would role out a warrant a squad of police would arrest people for a traffic ticket or not paying the ticket a whole lot of debters prison loving, power hungry judges, enjoying the idea of hurting people they justified this hurt by saying that these SCOFFLAWS DESERVED whatever happened to them they justified this hurt by saying that the government needs the money BOTH IDEAS violate the Constitution at the state and federal level ( besides, name calling and chastizing are unhealthy and counterproductive )
please continue the good march to encourage an informed and educated police force that abides by the three EEE's of law and police.
"It's California but it's a start! Read an article about you and your site and happened to see this one as well. Appellate courts in California are becoming increasingly upset at the conduct of cities and photo enforcement vendors. On May 21, a three-judge panel of the California Superior Court, Appellate Division, in Orange County tossed out a red light camera citation in the city of Santa Ana in a way that calls into question the legitimacy of the way red light camera trials are conducted statewide. Previously, a string of brief, unpublished decisions struck at illegal contracts, insufficient notice and other deficiencies. This time, however, the appellate division produced a ten-page ruling and certified it for publication, setting a precedent that applies to the county's three million residents. "This appeal involves an issue far too often presented to this court, namely the admissibility of evidence and the statutory compliance with the procedures employed by several municipalities in this county in what have come to be known as 'photo enforcement' citations," the unanimous ruling stated. At trial, attorney R. Allen Baylis objected to the admission of the red light camera photographs because the city had failed to lay a proper foundation for the evidence. The court agreed "
"Good job on your new website! We just lost our traffic light cameras here in Cleveland TN because they were losing money on them! They said it wasn't to raise money, but when it didn't net them any increased revenues, they were quick to pull them! Keep up the good work!"
"There has repeatedly been a big fight about these travesties of justice in Duncanville, Texas as well. One councilman based his re-election campaign on it. He was, of course hauled out of the council chamber and jailed by the Mayor's "Storm Trooper" police, even though he was well within his rights to voice protest as a councilman. He lost the re-election, and the fact that the Mayor's, (David Green), campaign is ALWAYS donated to, significantly, by the camera company, doesn't seem to get anyone's attention.
Can you say "Conflict of interest"? Can you say "Bribery"?
These things need to be outlawed at the state and federal level. Period. I resent the fact that I get the Mayor's mail on occasion, since I have the same name. I wonder if I can use this to my advantage? :o) You make me think, Brian! WELL DONE!!!"
"I have lived in Bluff City all my life. Bluff City Police Dept. has always been made fun of. These officers respond to the same calls as "big city officers" and put their lives on the line everyday. One officer has been credited with saving two lives in the past few months, one was an elderly lady that was laying in the snow that he found while on routine patrol, and the other was the lady involved in a hostage situation in Piney Flats. He had responded to assist Sullivan Co Sheriff's Dept. and got the lady out while the deputie distracted the armed suspect. As for the cameras, I am tired of hearing people complain about them. I work in Johnson City and my wife works in Piney Flats, so we pass by them several times per week. I don't like them either, but as long as you are not speeding, you won't get a ticket. If you are speeding, you are breaking the law and deserve a ticket. There is no one to blame but yourself. If I get caught on camera murdering someone, I guess I can start a website bashing the police department and complain about how unfair it is that I am being charged because a camera took my picture. I'm sure I can get by with it if I follow in your footsteps. Finally, the media is making you out to be a hero, which you are not. you are a whiny baby that got caught breaking the law, and don't want to pay the penalty. Maybe you should do some ride alongs with the Bluff City PD, or any other law enforcement agency, and see what they face everyday to make your life safer. Maybe then you will change your mind. I bet you could even get your picture made sitting in a patrol car for proof!."
"Thanks for this site. It helps provide information about how government is continuing to intrude further into our lives. The purpose of the cameras, as is the purpose of most of the laws that are enforced, is not about public safety, but about generating income for the government. As their budgets become tighter, they will look for more ways to take money from the public. I drive the subject section of roadway almost daily and have never seen an accident there or had any problem with speeders. Perhaps they will drop the speed limit down to 20 mph so they can issue more speeding tickets and generate more income. The Bluff City Police Department are fools for letting their domain name expire. But, I'm not surprised. I knew the current Police Chief when he was younger and he had no work ethic and was very limited in intelligence. I guess that makes for a perfect cop, huh. If he didn't have a job as a cop, he would not be qualified to do anything. What a fool. It seems like their should be an IQ and health requirement for police (probably 90% of them are obese). Police departments, as well as other governmental bodies, will do anything to keep their jobs and salaries secure, especially during the tough economic times that are affecting the ones of us that work in the "real world". The ones who actually have to do something productive in order to get paid. At least Bluff City isn't as bad as Johnson City. Johnson City has probably over a dozen cameras either active or planned. Also, and this is my favorite, cops in Johnson City will actually stand at intersections and walk up to your car and look inside to see if you have your seatbelt on. I always wear my seatbelt and think that it is foolish for someone not to wear their seatbelt, but why should the taxpayers have to pay the salaries of cops to do this? All of it is for income generation for the cops. Nothing more. Thanks again for the site, more power to you and the people!"
I enjoyed reading the comments and information on your website and hope that Tennessee will ban these money-makers. I live near Minneapolis and a few years back the City of Minneapolis tried red light cameras too. It was found that the cameras did red-light runners resulting in fewer t-bone crashes in the intersections. However, these same intersections saw an increase in rear-end collisions.
It was eventually overturned by the Minnesota Supreme Court as unconstitutional on several points including the fact that to presume the owner was the driver "eliminates the presumption of innocence and shifts the burden of proof from that required by the rules of criminal procedure". See link for summary of Supreme Court ruling
Thanks for scoring one for the little guys!"
"Careful reading of the camera ticket I got for speeding would lead me to believe that I would be paying the "fine" to a contractor with the City of Cedar Rapids and not to the city. I assume the contractor pays a "commission" to the city for the use of the streets. All things considered, I do not plan to pay the fine and look forward to watch the proceedings that may or may not follow."
"hi, just wanted to tell you that i live near springfield, missouri and several months ago a former highway patrolman sue the city of springfield over traffic camaras and won. it was determined in court that these camaras are unconstitutional and the last i heard the allready money strapped city was waiting to find out if they would have to pay back nearly $800,000 to people who had been fined for running red lights. in my opinion the same goes for seatbelt laws. i know seatbelts help in some situations but the state run it through as a secondary offense and let everyone get used to that then changed it to a stopable offense. the gov. is rather sneaky like that.
just thought i would let you know that missouri courts ruled traffic camaras unconstitutional at least for springfield.
"I live in Bluff City. I've never gotten a ticket at the camera. But up until they put in the camera I never felt like my life was in danger on that stretch of road. I drive past the camera at least once a day during heavy traffic and it never fails that someone slows down to 35mph because they are scared of the camera. In fact, today I was almost rear ended because someone slowed down too much. People speed there- they speed everywhere. We can't put cameras up on every patch of road. Its ridiculous and not very safe. On top of that- whose to say the person in the car owns the car? Whose to say they didn't rig the camera to over estimate car's speed? On top of that, its an electronic device.. it will stop doing its job correctly and with no human interaction who will ever know its broken?
Speeding tickets are necessary- but they need to be done safely and fairly."
"Well Trolled.
Anyway, I just wanted to respond to a few of the commenters. Especially the guy whining about speeding. Everyone speeds. Everyone. It is just a matter of how often and by how much.
I don't feel this site is disrespectful to the officers. Its just a creative protest.
And to idiot saying that "you spent more than 90 dollars on site... I guess he hasn't shopped for domains since 1985.
Traffic cameras are just lazy policing and are dangerous for the drivers and bikers on the road."
"I too live out of state and got a 56 mph in a 45 mph with a $90 fine in that area. I slowed down when I saw the sign and stayed slow until I thought it was over. I only went to that area to look purchasing an item. I will never shop in that area again and like others will drive another direction to avoid that area. I can't fight the ticket - I remember trying to stay in compliance because I was told it was a speed trap. I am shocked I was going more than 10 miles over the speed limit and doubly shocked to get a ticket in the mail."
"Glad you got this site!!! Don't give it up man. Here in Arizona, one of two states that put speed cameras on interstates, they are coming down this year!!! Governor says they shouldn't have them to raise money. they also cause traffic to back up, as everybody slows down for them 1/4 mile out and then speeds back up when past them. People are often rear ended. Here in Az though, the ticket arrives in the mail, if you don't pay it in 30 days or so, the issuing agency has to serve you by a process server, out of state folks are ok! Corporate vehicles are safe also! Can't fine a corporation for speeding. If after 45 days you aren't served the ticket is dismissed! Woohooo, My only ticket in 15 years was in Scottsdale, 73 in a 55. everybody was goin' that fast and I got a ticket, I carried it in my trunk for a few months and the ticket was dropped. These things are unsafe and unethical, the ones in bluff city will come down eventually, they all are all around the country. I'd like to find safety statistics for the area those cameras serve. Also when an emergency vehicle passes them and their picture is taken are they dismissed? If so how is it determined the vehicle was on an actual emergency versus riding with ligths on. No siren? needed as the cameras can't hear.
good luck with this,,,,i hope kingsports pd site comes open soon! lol"
"I'm surprised the ACLU hasn't been involved due to the inherent nature of red light cameras being unfair. I have a friend who is wealthy and is amused by the red light cameras. He worries very little about the cameras because he can afford the fines since they are just for revenue and there are no points to the driver's license. The poor suffer once more!"
"Cool website!
We live on the NC border, so it is about an hour to either Harley store in JC or Bristol. We used to get a group together and ride over , eat lunch, spend some money on gas and clothes/parts, etc. We now ride to Wilkesboro or Hickory, that's a little over an hour, but no speed cameras/money rackets to worry with."
"Hi Brian, I live in Arizona and I was thinking of how things were back in the old days of the wild west. Back then the bad guys would hide their identity, surprise you, and steal your money. Today the good guys hide behind badges, surprising you, and steal your money. And they say crime is down!
Here in Arizona when you call the Arizona Department of Revenue office (602-542-5551) there is a recording that says, "Please understand, by law the department is not bound by my verbal advise." Let me see, we call the Arizona Department of Revenue to talk to a professional about a tax problem because we can't make heads or tails out of their bureaucratic tax laws and their experts don't want to be held responsible! Or maybe they can't understand them ether?
Sincerely, Al Turner"
"I just wanted to comment on your immaturity of gaining control of the police website regarding the cameras that take pictures of people breaking the law. I do not find you funny at all and it might be time for you to grow up. Were you speeding????? Have you ever been speeding through residential, business, interstate highways???? I don't know if you were really supposed to get this ticket, but there are a lot of other people in your city that should get tickets. Citizens don't want to pay for more police officers and when they try to catch people who break the law and put people in danger, cameras help. We have them here and they have certainly slowed down drivers and made them aware that there are other people on the road with them.
No, I don't live in your city and with idiots like you, feel safe that I will never visit or live there. I just don't like people who disrespect the law and the officers who sometimes put their life on the line for people in your city. Grow up and give back the website to the people who protect you and remember what goes around, comes around."
"About two years ago I got cited for a traffic camera offense and the city of Alpharetta GA sent me a ticket in the mail. An internet link to a video of my offense was included in the correspondence. I watched the video. The light turns red while my tires are on the stop line and so I thought I'd have a good chance at arguing it in court. I went to court and the judge wasn't hearing it. He began to lecture me on the dangers of running a red light and how these lights make the interesection safer. What a crock of bologna. Studies show that MORE accidents happen at intersections that are camera enforced. I paid my fine, with some grubling, but much animosity. Because of this single $70 fine, I will NEVER ever ever contribute donations to ANY police station, or phone solicitor. If the police want more money tell them to camera enforce ALL intersections and reduce the timing of the yellow lights down to one second. I'm sure the money will start rolling in. But, not mine, anymore. This rotten taste in my mouth for the government will keep me from ever opening my wallet to donate to any solicitor. Even fire departments whose employees stand around at the intersections won't get my money ANYMORE. Thank the judge. And I'll even tell them that if asked! The courts have become hostile to the people, and so they should not expect generosity anymore."
"Jesus. move on with your life. It's a $90 ticket.. instead, you paid more money out of pocket to grind an axe? Learn how to spell too."
"we got rid of our camera's here in south texas"
"Great to see you're providing a public service in fighting ticket cameras.
Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area it's become a impossible parking ticket police state. SF is now considering 24/7 parking meter, & 2 hr parking limit, enforcement across he city!
It's the anti-car revenue hungry loony progressive greenie left that's pushing these unpopular parking ticket schemes."
"In Gallatin, TN they put the traffic cameras up a year or two ago, and get this, they shortened the timers on the yellow light to get more money!"
"I live in IL and see these things everywhere now. They have "caused" accidents with the flashing mechanism that is built into the CAM. not to mention the small business owners who have there shops anywhere near these things are suffering. There was a suburb that had a CAM malfunction and was recording EVERYONE that went through the intersection and were all issued summons. To later find it was an error in there system. Why don't they let the cops just do what there trained to do. Or are they taking to many coffee breaks and not "creating" enough revenue for there municipalities, counties or state? I wish you luck in your pursuit of having these monotonous, revenue creating, court crowding and accident making devises removed once and for all."
"Hah! Just noticed your website and how you got it, which I saw on This is a HOOT!
My dad got a ticket on SR 79 in Newark, Ohio because of one of these devices. The darn things drove business away from that area until everyone got together and voted that idiot mayer out for it, and it serves him right! The camera was taken down quickly. Imagine ticketing someone when you have no proof who was driving the vehicle, let alone whether they were doing so legally or not! I think everyone should get rid of ANYONE in government that has anything to do with these things. If they were going to do this, they could've at least taken the picture from the front with a view of the driver. More govt greed.
Mike in Fairfield County, Ohio "
"I was driving in Kingsport behind a senior citizen when we approached a red light with a camera, the senior slowed down to a crawl way before she got to the light, and of course neither of us got through the light. These camera's are all about money, they're not concerned about us! The camera's take the natural ability and skill of driving away. This little lady was afraid she would get a ticket for something. Shame on our officials who have nothing better to do.PLUS, we are paying them. LOL. Gene Smith, Abingdon, VA. "
"Saw the article on the website and really got a chuckle! Great work. I live in Greeneville and upon returning from a fly fishing trip on the S. Holston earlier in the year, learned about the speed camera the hard way. Obviously this is meant for revenue generation as opposed to safety. Hopefully the growing trend of resentment for the cameras will cause a few cities to take notice and take down the cameras. I now refuse to stop in Bluff City and spend any money, which is obviously a detriment to small business, but not contributing to the city's sales tax revenue is the only way I can think to get them back for the $90 I paid on the recent ticket. Obviously, you were a bit more creative. Hats off my friend! "
"I paid ticket for going to fast through the speed trap...but you'll not get another dime of my money nor will anyone in Bluff City. I will drive a hundred miles out of my way. It's a speed trap, it is not meant for safety, but to raise revenue. I can under stand not having enough officers to cover a town of 1500.... must be diffic ult with only eight officers. When will they ever have time to go to the do nut shop. Lets see, 10 officers, 1500 people; 1 officer per 150 people....crime must be out of control there! Gimme a break. Let a sk this, do you ask for forgiveness when you go to church on Sunday? The Ma yor, city cousel, and all these policemen are crooks...that's what I think and it will never with that!"
"I am a teacher in Bristol, Virginia. I received a citation in the mail from this wonderful police department. At the point of time on the ticket, I was not even driving the vehicle. I was with my mother in Elizabethton shopping and have a dated/time receipt to prove it!
Now here's my beef..... If someone else is driving your car and gets stopped by the police, THEY get the ticket not the owner of the car....
If someone steals a car and robs a bank, THEY get arrested, not the owner of the car....
How is it legal for BLUFF CITY to send you a citation in the mail, WHEN YOU WERE NOT IN THE VEHICLE!!!!!
I did not pay it and plan on fighting it in court."
"I own business property in Piney Flats just 75 feet from the camera and observed time and again that the traffic slows down at the camera and within 2 or 3 hundred yards they speed back up. When a police car used to be present, they slowed down for a longer stretch of highway. So in my opinion the camera has no effect on safety only on revenue. Business owners were used as an excuse to put up the camera for safety.
Well I own over 500 feet of road frontage that houses three businesses and no one asked me about safety issues. Very few wrecks happen on this particular part of Piney Flats, but lets look at the records for wrecks occurring at the 19E red light and the Tri City flea market. Come on, Bluff City is just using the cameras for easy money. Every ninety dollar ticket issued is less food, gas and living expenses for already stretched family budgets. It is a terrible thing for local business. Lots of people refuse to come to Piney Flats because of these stinking cameras, boy does it make the out of town race fans feel welcome. Several states have ruled these speed traps unconstitutional and several other states are working on this problem. Questions: how often are the cameras calibrated, where does the revenue go, how much does Bluff City keep and what is the money spent on. This is an outrage and must be stopped. I am in favor of a class action law suite and total accountability the elected officials in Bluff are spending not only the speed trap money but all the tax revenue that is collected by B C from the more than 65 small business thatnare located from the Charles Worley bridge to the red light light in Piney Flats. Bluff City Government is totally out of political control and everyone in the area is suffering the effects.Piney Flats should de-annex from Bluff City, and form a new Incorporated area that welcomes its visitors, keeps it medians mowed, provides street lights and nice road signage and encourages new business and presents an an attractive area for thousands of race fans, visitors to the Piney Flats Industrial Park and all the tourist that visit this area for the mountains and the lakes and local attractions, and take those *stinking cameras down!!!
Jerry M. Sorrell"

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